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    Spike Chunsoft should stick to visual novels. They put out the stinker Jump Force as well.

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    A good One Punch Man would be a "The Sims" style game. Where you just live your life and **** around. Upgrade your house, keep your mood indicators in the green.

    Opportunities come up all time for you to go out and save some lives, then you punch them once and that part is over so it becomes a bit boring and an annoyance, the crappier enemies don't really give out any decent rewards. Maybe make it a bit grindy. Every once in a while a ranking enemy pops up no differently to a shitty enemy, but if you don't go and deal with it it ****s your shit up (maybe destroys half your house which you have to pay for and drops your mood) or something.

    The real Saitama experience, "The Sims plus monsters".

    A One Punch Man fighting game kind of defeats the entire reason anyone watches One Punch Man.

    You can then trade experiences, "My Saitama became an eSports gamer", "Mine gave into Bang's pestering and learned some martial arts", "Mine decided to get a regular job after his house got destroyed and is now a CEO of the largest company in the game, but then all the cities were destroyed because he was too busy to take care of X monster and now he's just bored in a post apocalyptic wasteland"

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    aye, no idea which fool thought it was a good idea to make this game. You cannot even hit Saitama let alone hurt him unless he lets you. Just a cash grab instead of really thinking of would make a good game based on the IP

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    The combat is so trash. The My Hero Academia one while a generic fighter, is waaaaaaay more fun than this.

    OPM combos end like after 3 hits or some shit? It feels like a cheap mobile game