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    Why would Sony and Microsoft be competing with Samsung for their NAND and DRAM? Samsung get high on their own supply and shouldn't really be considered a part of the demand curve.

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    Conversely, Sony won't want a repeat of the PS3 launch, which saw the console release in New Zealand at an eye-watering $1200 price point.
    This actually had very little to do with the price set in the USA, to copy my other post...

    Should note that the PS3's $1200NZD price tag was largely due to Sony Oceania dicking us over in pricing. Dollar was at ~70c at that stage and they doubled the RRP from the USA price. Meanwhile, the AU RRP of the PS3 was $829 while the AUD/USD was at around ~80c.

    Compare that to the PS4's launch RRP of $650NZD/$549AUD/$399USD and it seems they've learned their lesson