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    Let's discuss All Rounders

    So on tuesday night I tucked into Neesham's inning. I disparaged his knock for showing a lack of batsmanship.
    Then it dawned on me, Mike Hesson in the commentary booth calls Neesham, CDG and Santner all rounders and has less expectations of them with the bat.

    For years I have been flustered with Jimmy's lack of grit compared to say Nicholls who has grit in spades, and how all three of them don't seem to have a third and fourth gear. All three all rounders have these gears:
    Neutral - where they just block
    Gears 1 and 2 - where they nurdle the odd single
    Gear 5 - tonking

    Good batsman can operate in gears 3-4 where you take 5 6 or 7 an over through sheer classical cricket shots.
    These all rounder mongrels don't have that ability. They can ton up in FC where there stay in 2nd gear the whole inning, but lack the fluidity and easy accumulation of runs like a martin crowe when he was on the go.

    The other insight Hesson has is that they hardly ever perform well in both aspects, they either show up with the bat or ball. Most occassions.

    So is there a role for all rounders and why does the ODI team have three of them?

    Well I can report the T2o team tried just one all rounder and got thumped in game one.
    Both the bowling and batting improved with two all rounders

    So why doesn't the ODI team go with only 2 all rounders and no 6th bowler

    Team would become

    1 Guptil
    2 Nicholls
    3 Kane
    4 Ross
    5 Latham
    6 Conway
    7 CDG or Neesham
    8 Santner
    9 seamer
    10 seamer
    11 seamer

    Incidentally if Jamieson develops he could be the second all rounder allowing for this superior tail

    8 Kyle J
    9 Sodhi
    10 seamer
    11 seamer

    Questions - how many all rounders should be in the ODI and test team?
    Who would you pick?

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    Captains in the modern game want the 6th bowler option. With good reason. When Stokes was injured/court for England, he was replaced by Hales, a batsman, so what did Morgan do? He bowled a stack of Joe Root overs early.

    Australia - often with Maxwell - have that 6th option.


    Cos the idea is - even with 4 aces (and many teams only play 3 ace bowlers) you will need variation cos the 4th and 5th will get lined up and attacked.

    Then you have injury cover etc. Also captains dont want to do numbers and sums in the back 10. They want to be in credit with the main bowlers by bowling 6th bowlers. Rightly or wrongly. Morgan has everything on his shoulders, Kohli often has Dhoni and Rohit runnign the show really.India use a 6th left, but its the spin of Jadhav in Asia, less effective out of Asia.