Changing shower head in a rental + questions

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    Changing shower head in a rental + questions

    Hi guys just looking for some advice about changing a shower head and if we are allowed to do it ?
    I would like to install a removable one so it is higher as current shower head comes up to my chest.

    I picked up a cheap kit at bunnings just to have a look and see how it goes.

    My first question is if I am actually allowed to change this in a rental? Does anyone know? Or is it purely up to the landlord? Is there any legal requirement to install this eg need a plumber or something or is it ok to do yourself? I was just going to try some adhesive to attach the shower head bracket to the wall so I don't have to drill 2 holes to screw it in.

    My other question is about the install itself. Our current shower head appears quite old and threads into a female fitting in the wall as you can see in these pics

    The fitting in the kit also has a female thread and is suppose to screw into a male fitting coming out of the wall. Do I just need a male-male adaptor or something? Are they a universal size does anyone know?

    Thanks for any advice

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    I wouldn't.

    I'd be asking the pm or landlord to do that.

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    I'll wade in with my probably wrong street level fool take - I'm sure gp plumber crew will correct me

    I'd check with your landlord etc to see what they are happy with / allow first.

    When/if you get permission or otherwise I'd suggest measuring the length between the face of the shower box (wall) and the base of the thread say so when you get your section of pipe with threaded ends (male-male adaptor) the removable head fitting isn't hanging out too far out of the wall when it's fitted.

    taking the old shower head into wherever your getting your fittings from as a example for the thread / pipe diameter is probably the easiest way and when you go to fit it apply some suitable thread tape to each end of pipe in a clockwise direction.

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    Done this at my 2 rentals no dramas. Just keep the old shower head so you can put it back when you leave and get some extra plumbing string

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    As a landlord, I'd say check with your landlord. If done properly I dont see an issue

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    you need some 15mm screwed tube, PM me your address and ill send you some for free. as otherwise you'll be in for a 600mm length

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    NOMIS wrote:
    I picked up a cheap kit at bunnings just to have a look and see how it goes.
    I would say no because of this. Decent gear ok.

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    I like how you've already removed the old head, and are now asking for advice.

    As a qualified tradesman, first step would be talk to landlord. Second step would involve following their requirements to get the outcome you are after. If they want a plumber to do it, then do that. If they say you can (more fool them if so), then do that. Just keep in mind you'll be liable as insurance won't cover any damage caused by DIY plumbing. Have heard some entertaining / rather expensive stories due to DIY plumbing. You can't just mess with someones house without permission. But hey, not my house so go nuts.

    As for Bunnings, yeaaaaaaaaaah nope.

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    I think changing the head only is within the realms of permissible (especially on the basis that it's reversible), but you're planning to do more than just change the head.

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    are you happy to pay to re-line a bathroom if you stuff it up? because really that's the risk - if it causes problems and or leaks, your landlord could reasonably ask you to pay to fix it.

    Whereas if you ask them, or ask someone to do it, then you don't have that risk.

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    Yeah my idea was not so much about what is and isn't classed as plumbing, and thus doable. More so that if you do anything, and for some reason damage is attributed to it, you are on the hook. It happens, and insurance don't really want to know about it.