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    TVNZ ONDEMAND rerun stutter

    Has anyone had stuttering video when playing like old episodes of tv shows, watching episodes live i have no issues at all but playing old reruns of episodes like police ten 7 and motorway patrol the videos are choppy and just stutters I have good fibre internet so i cant figure out why its like this, i tried 2 browsers firefox was really bad and chrome not as bad but still unwatchable.

    I noticed it uses Brightcove do i need a player

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    I just came across this question while searching as I have similar problems. I have tried Firefox, Chrome, Opera and MS Edge and all produce the same stuttering audio and video, although the ads seem to play perfectly! I don't know if this is because the ads are inserted "live". When I first used On Demand, TVNZ stated that Windows 10 users had to download an app, which worked beautifully. As of a few weeks ago, they say the app is no longer supported and a browser must be used (they also mentioned that the app did not allow them to insert ads). Since then On Demand has been unusable for me. I have UltraFast Fibre and can watch YouTube videos with no problems. TNVZ, like Spark Sport, appear to have a lack of technical ability when it comes to interfacing TV with internet streaming.