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    FFVIII Remaster looks good, probably a decent bit better than the FFIX port / remaster in a lot better than the FFVII port. I'll still miss my game save on the PS1/3/PSVita which I have Seifer in my party, so good having Seifer.

    FFVII looks great, hope they do the whole game justice including all the mini games, the bike G-Bike mini-game / story bits look great, hope they do the submarine, snowboarding, chocobo breading / racing and also strategy mini game at Fort Condor as their all fun.

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    FFVIII remaster, day one.

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    Normally I hate ports and see remakes as just cash grabs, but FF7 was released 22 years ago and is so dramatically different to hardly be recognised. Its not a coat of paint but a rebuild from the ground up.

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    Tfw no doomtrain GF.

    This is a mood because I could never figure out how to get this gf in ffviii even after reading guides.