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    Streaming music to a Chromecast plugged into AVR

    Hey GP.

    Is what I suggest possible? It's quite hard to figure out now that the Chromecast Audio has been discontinued.

    Chromecast 2 (cheap on 1-day, plus I have a voucher to use). I would buy an Ultra if I had to.
    Google Home mini + hub

    Plug CC into my AVR (Onkyo TX-NR747) HDMI port and leave that HDMI port active.
    Set up CC as a "speaker" on Google Home, and request "hey Google, play Youtube Music on my speaker".

    My goal is simply to be able to get Google Home to play music on my AVR. I figured a CC was the cheapest/easiest way.


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    Yes it should be possible.

    If you setup the chromecast to be your default 'speaker' for your google home, then you don't even need to specify which speaker to play the music on in the voice command.

    I have an automation that automatically turns on the AVR and selects the correct input when the chromecast starts playing music.

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    Don't know if you have solved this already. You can use your Home Mini via Bluetooth right now with your AVR, though the Chromecast will be better.

    Parallel Imported still has some Audio's and you can also get them off eBay.