Borderlands - Mask of Mayhem

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    Borderlands - Mask of Mayhem

    Colour me interested.

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    Takes place 5 years after the end of BL2/TPS

    Tannis is not what she seems

    AI Jack may be back, but he's not the villain

    Rhys is back as CEO of Atlas. Atlas is back as a manufacturer. Gorty is back to help the player find multiple vaults in the game. Not just one vault this time. Tina is back as an adult. No word on the others but you can expect cameos from everyone like in BL2

    writing is more like BL1 than BL2, no Anthony Birch this time

    4 new vault hunters

    Abilities have been reworked, everyone now has multiple action skills instead of one

    Flak the Beastmaster is a homeless looking android. He can summon multiple creatures to help him fight. The AI for this is what delayed announcement last October. So hopefully it's fixed now.

    The female seen in the UE4 demo last year is a Valdof character who is the gunner class. She can summon a bear mech on which other players can ride. Summons the mech like in Titanfall. No word on how this works indoors. Probably a commie waifu

    The older male is like Batman. He's the stealth/assassin character. He's rich and uses gadgets for his action skills.

    There's a black female Siren character. She's melee oriented like Brick was. She will have several siren abilities like phase-lock, phase-shift, and a ground pound skill.

    NPCs can revive you now if you're close enough and go into FFYL

    Guns are reworked. You'll have changeable gun parts of various rarities/stats. You'll be able to alter the type of gun, the firing rate, the reload speed, the stability, and element as you find new parts.

    The bad guys are The Calypso Twins. One is a female siren (as only females can be sirens) and the other is a male who somehow has siren powers. Either he figured out a way to give anyone siren powers or the bond between twins allows him to share his sister's powers. They're rumored to be ex-Atlas employees

    The Calypso twins rule The Children of the Vault, a cult mob that will replace Bandits/Scavs as the default human mob.

    They will have their own weapon brand

    All brands returning except Bandit/Scav

    All elements returning except Slag, Laser, and Ice. New elements are rumored and the only lead says "nuclear" is one of them. Although that sounds like a fan making shit up.

    You'll start on Pandora but leave shortly into the game on Sanctuary 3, the Crimson Raider's ship. It will be the hub for multiple planet locations.

    We're going to Promethea

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    Gearbox Pax east tomorrow NZ time, the teaser shows The calypso twins, new vaulthunters Flak and Moze and what looks to be an older Tiny Tina the new unicycle style vehicle
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    Mountain Slayr wrote:
    Gearbox Paxt east tomorrow NZ time, the teaser shows The calypso twins, new vaulthunters Flak and Moze and what looks to be an older Tina Tina the new unicycle style vehicle
    Collect your thoughts and speak clearly.

    Looks good, will prob have a Battle Royale mode though

    Also, Epic exclusive?

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    Will it be a Epic Store exclusive tho?

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    I sure hope so

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    Already rumoured to be Epic exclusive.

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    Would be keen for more borderlands, 2 was great. If it turns out to be an exclusive - while I think competition (eg steam vs epic store) will likely benefit the consumer / industry in time, the epic store could really do with some more features etc etc.

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    Watching the live stream right now. Randy is doing magic tricks, so boring.

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    Here it comes

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    Omigod, they have a Discord server, so thrilling!

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    Wtf with these issues

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    Oh yeah

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    Never played, mate swears it's an awesome game.

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    Nice, free remaster (get bl1 cheap now)

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    This is my most anticipated game for years.
    A mate and I sunk +500 hours into 2 co-op.

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    I have been hanging out for this game and getting BL1 remaster....take my money

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    jords wrote:
    Never played, mate swears it's an awesome game. should get amongst on that remaster - when BL3 drops we can team up and Vault up a storm

    The Borderlands games are awesome - pure happiness in a looter shooter.

    Pandaemonaeon wrote:
    This is my most anticipated game for years.
    A mate and I sunk +500 hours into 2 co-op.
    BL2 introduced me to coop, before that I was a anti-social scardy cat when it came to teaming up with damn good: Turret love.

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    Borderlands would have to be my favourite franchise...the amount of hours I've sunk into all of the bl games is crazy

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    Anyone have a spare borderlands 1 key ? Want to play with the Girlfriend when the remaster is released but its $44 atm. It'll surely drop to a low price again before BL3 release, but we'll be playing that when it comes out

    Looking through all my unclaimed games from Humble Bundle but doesn't look like I got one any time :S

    UPDATE: Found it in a Bundle ! Go about your business.

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    for those who wont want to listen to some nasaly bloke

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