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    please help me pick parts for my wife's business computer! budget 1.5k x 2 comps

    My wife wanted to buy already built comp from PB tech and i thought she might get much better deal if i build them for her, can u guys please help me get some brownie points?

    the one she wanted to buy was this one;

    things to consider in her build
    - space to put the computer case is limited, at the moment she has one of those flat cases, not a tower one, kinda like this one
    - she once she opens a program like microsoft word, excel, chrome, calculator etc etc, she always keeps them minimized and goes onto the next window so after a week or so, i notice her computer with 20 windows open and the computer running slow. so i think i need plenty of RAM to combat her behavior, is 16GB too much for multitasking with these kinds of programs?

    at the moment im thinking of getting;

    im not very good at this computer stuff, my last computer, my friend built for me and he basically chose all the components for me so im not sure if i have chosen the right things, please let me know if some of these components arent compatible with each other or if i should be getting another brand etc. i think this might be more important with memory, processor, and motherboard. i chose these with some googling only, not even sure if 1 component will bottleneck another, or if theyre able to be fitted together >.<;

    ps. the total is $2200ish so i have some wriggle room, but saving her some moneyz will be alright also

    edit: do i need a graphics card? or will the integrated one on the motherboard be sufficient?
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    That 2600 CPU doesn't have onboard video, so you'd want to look at something like a 2400G. AMD CPU + GPU in one, which will be fine for office stuff.

    I'd be looking at Intel NUC systems as an alternative. They are tiny and can handle office tasks fine. Usually a case of buying a NUC, adding memory, adding SSD for storage, then buying windows USB version, and installing it. Ready to roll. Footprint of a NUC is tiny. Our office main PC is a NUC, few years old now, but does the job fine.

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    Purely for examples sake, I haven't checked to make sure all parts are compatible and that sort of thing. But this is a system you can do for the same money. You don't list windows in your pricing, so not sure if you already have it or not. If you take windows off the below price, you're at ~$1k. The NUC itself comes with most parts needed. Wireless, LAN, Bluetooth, HDMI off for video, has the CPU, GPU all built in. Very simple to setup up.

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    What is her current machine?

    Nothing you've listed is all that demanding -more RAM and an SSD might be all the speed boost you need.

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    she bought her last machine 2 ish years ago but only paid like 700 dollars ish for the whole thing each! including the monitor, keyboard etc. so im guessing its something like 4gb RAM, i3 couple of gens ago with a mechanical hard drive Q_Q

    ill research into NUC! might be the way to go
    also i was thinking of buying the windows from a cd key selling website... ive bought some before for my computer, my parents comp before with no issues ^_^;

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    i didnt even know "nuc"s existed, they sound pretty awesome esp the small size but im just scared if anything breaks in the future, its gonna be harder to just swap and replace the components compared to a PC, and it sounds like we might get more performance per $ on PC from looking at linus videos... i might lean towards the PC option for now..

    thank god for Fragluton advising that theres no integrated graphics on ryzen 2600 >.<;;
    if i buy ryzen 2600 and the cheapest graphics card like GeForce GT710 1GB, will the old old generation graphics card slow down the whole computer? or will it make no difference to the performance and just provide the video output? im just thinking to buy something that will last for years so she doesnt have to go through this every 2-3 years, and during that time she doesnt have to suffer trying to do stuff on a slow computer >.<; or is 2600 + gfx card not worth it over 2400G? the price difference of 100ish dollars is ok, just depends on the performance

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    Get an ex-lease micro-computer, call it a day. Un momento I'll find one.

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    Something like (but not necessarily) this and it still has a year of ProSupport warranty (next business day onsite fix):

    HP, Lenovo and others all have their version, that was a 10 second search.

    Would suggest nVME SSD over the SATA SSD if you can find one.

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    Thousand bucks here for a modern one with a full three year Prosupport warranty:

    Get the 7060 PCIe SSD and the better motherboard but both the 3060 and 7060 are 6 core Coffee Lake chips.

    7050 would be silly to buy. Add more RAM yourself if need be.

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    If you don't mind used then PB Tech have some cheap off lease computers -just bump up the RAM and maybe the SSD

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    thanks for all the replies, i asked her about the possibility of getting a 2nd hand one from pbtech but her main goal at the mo isnt to reduce the cost, she is frustrated with her system locking up or running slow. i might have to "train" her to start closing down programs when she has finished with them

    so we've decided to build 1 comp first to see how it goes first. from Fragluton's suggestions ive changed a couple of things around, 2400G to get integrated gfx, faster RAM, changed the SSD to M.2 etc.

    when i select all the components into the psu calculator, it says the whole system only needs 98W ROFL

    from memory, linus on youtube suggested 20% over your required wattage is the most efficient, but its impossible to find one below 350W! which one would you guys buy? or is the original 550W still ok to use in this build?

    1 more noob question, her old business computers had speakers inside the case itself and the sound would come out of there. is there something like that i can buy to do the same? i tried searching for "internal speakers", "PC case speaker" etc etc but nothing is coming up. sound quality doesnt matter at all, just needs something thats not going to clutter up their work space >.<;

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    If you are doing a mini-ITX build you need to make sure the PSU is going to fit in the case.

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    Honestly, A 2200G, 8GB Ram, 512GB SSD, 400W PSU.

    Call it a day

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    A larger PSU will not affect the computer negatively. Only a smaller one.

    Make sure it's m.2 PCIe (aka NVMe). Buying m.2 alone does not guarantee that it is the better SSD type.

    I'd still recommend getting a Dell or HP, the next business day onsite warranty is by far one of the most valuable components.

    If a part fails on a homebrew, you either have to buy a replacement to be working again asap, or wait weeks for the consumer supplier to sort out the fix/replacement part.

    They'll just laugh at you if you try to hurry them up because it's a business computer. A business computer is not covered under the CGA.

    Also means you don't have to do the dismantling, putting it back together if it's, say, the motherboard.

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    Good advice Frag

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    Go with HP/Dell/Lenovo pre built with support for a business.
    I wouldnt touch a NUC or custom built for a business unless you are willing to support. NUC are horrible with their firmware and drivers.

    Something like this
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    Can get something like this built by computer lounge so you could go back to them for support:
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    suntoucher wrote:

    I'd still recommend getting a Dell or HP, the next business day onsite warranty is by far one of the most valuable components.

    If a part fails on a homebrew, you either have to buy a replacement to be working again asap, or wait weeks for the consumer supplier to sort out the fix/replacement part.
    never saw it from that perspective before. i think ur right on that, maybe the next time around we might go for dell instead

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    sorry for all these noob questions but can i ask 1 last thing, the ram i bought is

    which is 3000MHz. but the supported speed on ryzen 2400g seems to be 2933MHz. will this cause any problems? is it possible to slow down the ram to 2933 in bios? or can i just use the ram at 3000MHz? i changed the motherboard to an asus one which seems to support 3000MHz so thats going right for me so far...

    if its too complicated i could just get a refund on the ram and buy the one Bullion recommended and get some corsair from computer lounge instead

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    In the office system won't notice any difference if it runs at 2933 or 3000mhz. Should make zero difference to the system so don't worry. Build the system and see what the speed options are in BIOS, go from there.