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    This guy knows what he's talking about

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    will anyone care in 6 months.

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    I'll care, when in ~6 months & its hopefully heavily discounted I'll buy it. Going to skip The Division 2 as well at least until its cheap. Back log at the moment is growing too fast, just got another two Tales of games, lots of MP games to jam, too much work irl to play everything.

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    This was my review on MA:
    Not worth buying at full price. Very limited nonsensical main campaign and an equally small amount of rinse and repeat side missions; it’s an “MMO” you can complete in under 10 hours. The “end game” is boring, just a slightly more difficult version of the main content with very little in the way of loot incentives to warrant the grind. Too many game breaking bugs to list. May be good in 6 months to a year when they fix what’s broken and add more content but there’s likely to be no one left playing a game which is heavily dependent on multiplayer matchmaking.

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    Glad I didn't buy it, EA Access to the rescue.