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    Far Cry: New Dawn - Post-apocalyptic Far Cry 5 direct sequel

    Out on Feb 15th, this game is set 17 years after the "good" end of FC5.

    This game introduces more lite-RPG elements, so enemies can out-level you and be bullet spongy if your weapons are lower level.

    I'm a huge Ubi Far Cry fan but was going to give this a miss at launch, because I was neck deep in AC Origins. I've since finished the game and only have the The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC left to play, so I'm getting this at launch after all.

    OT: When searching for an existing thread for this game one of the top hits was an ancient thread about a NZ white supremacy group. LMFAO, lulwut. I remember Sgt. Molloy as the moderator of GP's The Matrix film series sub-forum, turns out he was a neo-nazi? HAHAHA.

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    Will there be proper coop ?.

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    I think the devs went overboard with the colour pink.

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    Bore Cry: New Yawn

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    I just want to know how a nuclear holocaust caused pink and purpz to go everywhere...blows me away, man.

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    Any idea on length?

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    I don't really get why they're continuing the Far cry 5 story when that was one of the weakest of the games. I don't think I'll bother picking this up when it releases.

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    ChizzBo wrote:
    Bore Cry: New Yawn
    lol I agree for the most part, but I still get some fun out of these games so will get it eventually when there's a good sale.

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    WarZoner wrote:
    I don't really get why they're continuing the Far cry 5 story when that was one of the weakest of the games.
    So that they can recycle a shitload of assets, including the game world.

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    I'm a bit weak for the Far Cry games. I caved in and got this for the One X. Should be a fun stint even if it's a bit shorter than the average Far Cry game.

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    Enjoying it so far.

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    I've been enjoying this too. If you liked Far Cry 5 you'll probably like this, much of the same.

    The main major difference is the tiering of enemies and weapons. The main impact of that is if you want to stealth make sure you have weapons of the same tier, or greater, than the enemies you're facing.

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    Yea i will going stealth as per usual.

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    Tempted to get it as well i liked fc5 also. Anyone tried coop yet ? Is it the same as fc5 ?.

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    According to the back of the box, it's online only co op.

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    WarZoner wrote:
    According to the back of the box, it's online only co op.
    I meant do you both share mission progress.

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    Enjoying it so far, got Horatio! Anyone on PC add me on Uplay username = defkeen

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    I recommend enabling Streamer Mode to disable the really shit rap music. It's Die Antwoord and a whole lot of mumble turds.

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    I don't mind the rap music. It sorta adds the charm to an otherwise quiet game. I also made one outpost a bit to hard. (you can reset them where the enemies are harder the 2nd time but you get more goodies)

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    I just shoot the radios

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    I think I'm near the end. but the story is a bit more cohesive this time around than compared to Far Cry 5 which was spread out to 4 different areas and each boss being different.

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    I am just rocking around with Timber, the goodest of boys!

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    No lurve for the boar

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    Im actually quite enjoying it, like the changes they have made and I enjoyed FC5, Like the fact Horaito can heal himself and the changes to the perk system so you can keep upgrading certain perks is a good idea, being able to helicopter to different areas of the USA for missions is an addition I like

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    I just cant seem to get into the far cry games. Hated Far Cry 4. Tried FC5 and couldn't stand it. The series fell off a cliff after FC3 imo.