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    Fortnite movement is slow as a snail.

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    Fortnite is irrelevant

    There's a new Legend released on 8th June, looks like some type of electric ability. Exciting!

    I'm quite enjoying the Top5 Elite mode, definitely a step up.

    Hope they release a new map too.

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    Season 2 out today, awesome

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    yeah, im stoked! can't wait to get home and watch that 20gig download countdown

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    Still going strong. S2 is far better.

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    Season 2 has been much fun!

    It sucks in the ranked games though when you deal 1000+ damage but only have 1-2 kills - they need to change that I think so damage is included in the point system.

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    That would be nice. It would encourage a bit more aggression, too.

    Although, I don't mind the meta too much. You generally get a fight at the start, middle and end, with some time to drink beers and chat

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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    Available to download now
    I always preferred being the pilot and skating across the maps in PvP anyways, Superbowl reveal incoming perhaps...remember, people thought Fornite was going to bomba at the start too..