Rii wrote:
Picked it up on PS4 last night.

Feel like reviews have been heavily dismissive of the terrible voice acting and irritatingly exaggerative character animations. At times its like watching a Tommy Wiseau movie.

Characters talk over each other when in a scene and it makes it impossible to follow along. You have no idea if a conversation is finished as a lot of the time it will just waffle and you have no idea if you should stay and listen for important info.

I feel like it should have never been a console release with how gorgeous it looks. I think it's just too ambitious for consoles and you can feel it. There's an abhorrent amount of input lag and from what I can glean through Googling, it's been done on purpose or A4 have leaned into it heavily in an attempt to make the game feel 'heavy' and slow. I don't like it.

Enemy AI feels basic. You can literally just run away and they forget you're a thing when you round a corner. When you find a pack of zombie things the monotonous groaning will drive you insane.

Reviews have usually done a great job in preventing buyers remorse when it comes to games. Haven't regretted a video game purchase in a long time. It sucks. Will persevere.
So basically all the complaints people are making about Anthem get glossed over for this game? Gotcha.