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    So that's why my ATVI shares went up...

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    Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. Now we'll get see who was really responsible for the scummy monetisation shit in Destiny 2, Acti or Bungie.

    -Making shaders single use only.
    -To encourage the purchase of lootboxes: Throttling XP earned from grinding activities earned and lying to the players' faces with the numbers; doubling the grind when caught by the community.
    -Charging for the usual small content updates which MMOs typically receive via a 2nd season pass, which has no new story content or planets.

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    As a Destiny player; Zero. The total amounts of shits I give...

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    I'm sitting and waiting to see if Bungie are going to make changes to the cost of the Season Pass considering players just shelled out a lot for Forsaken. Dropping the price slightly would go a long way to showing players that they really want people back and things are going to be different.

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    Yeah, I don't put all the blame on Activision for Destiny design choices.

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    gooseman77 wrote:
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    Oh wow this is so accurate.

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    well, pressure is all on Bungie now on their next major release, jury is still out on the 100 mill from the chinese company tho.