Bungie Splits With Activision

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    |icED-e@RtH| wrote:
    Don't forget InXile Entertainment, i know you don't like Fargo, but i still have hope for their games..enjoying playing through the Bards tale trilogy atm.
    They've made one good game and a series of at best "OK" games. They are not even playing the same game, let alone in the same field. And **** Brian Fargo, he's a lying sack of shit that will say anything to anyone to get what he wants. inXile did not make the remastered trilogy.

    • The Bards Tale is a silly console focused hack n slash. It's unworthy of the brand with weak game play. It is however quite funny and well written. It was also released in 2004
    • Hunted - The Demon's Forge is a lack-lustre title that was half finished and badly designed, but once again good writing
    • Wasteland 2 was good.
    • Torment was a joke and demonstrates just how much bullshit Fargo will spout to get money. Ironically despite good writing almost saving previous projects the ham-fisted dialogue in this game is an insult to its Inspiration
    • The Mages Tale is a weak game with shoddy VR Implementation
    • The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep is mediocre if I am being generous. This one at least is getting better, but I doubt it will ever be legitimately good

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    my NZ clan is recruiting for anyone still playing


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    Maybe now Bungie can make something great again like Myth II Soulblighter