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    Hm well hating all the magic & "flashy" moves, I hate that shit.

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    This is honestly the first Anthem video that has really impressed me. It's starting to look very promising. I'm hoping the majority of that dialogue is just scripted fake player bullshit because it's cringe as ****.

    The main issue for me is if this game can hold my attention over time, the combat while impressive also seems to lack variety. I wanna see more Javelin customisation options, different ultimates and builds for each frame ect.

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    It's a pity they didn't use better hardware to record that, during some of the more intense scenes it became very hard to see what was going on even at 1080p in order to keep the frame rate up. Like Ramza, I found it a bit hard to figure out of that was scripted dialogue from within the game or from the "players", especially after the rubbish we had to listen to during the initial E3 trailer last year. Those issues aside though the game itself looks good.

    I (along with a few mates) got Origin Access Premier specifically in anticipation of this game and I am not disappointed at what I've seen so far. Can't wait.

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    The YouTube compression artifacting is doing the game zero favours.

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    Prooooobably gonna pick this up as my monthly game (really trying to limit myself to one a month) but I'm still yet to really be grabbed by the gameplay footage. Much like the other loot shooter type games it'll be hard to really judge until I'm BD in the endgame progression, grinding and various non-story related activities. Then again I was happy with Destiny + The Division so whether that suggests I have low standards or not :P

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    Didn't enjoy Destiny 2, don't like the look of 3rd person Destiny.

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    nice environments. looks boring in exactly the same way andromeda was boring.

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    This game will launch with Nvidia Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled

    The game also comes for free with any RTX Nvidia GPU sold

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    ChrisB wrote:
    The YouTube compression artifacting is doing the game zero favours.
    Here is what it really looks like in crisp 4k

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    That does look really nice. I will not be buying these gen 1 RTX cards. Imma wait until the next iteration comes out. I was getting very high frames in 1440p on my current rig and while I do love the pretties RTX allows its still not quite there imo from a price/performance perspective. 2020 will be my next major upgrade, but likely just Mobo+CPU and maybe upgrade to 64Gb of RAM and maybe another M.2 drive to replace my last non-storage mechanical drive.

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    Played the Alpha and on that basis I pre-ordered.

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    Why did you pre-order?

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    Rii wrote:
    Why did you pre-order?
    Don't know if this is a legit question or not...
    On the basis of my experience in the closed alpha I decided that I wanted the game delivered to me on launch day...

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    I preordered Resident Evil 2 without seeing anything but a trailer haha

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    gooseman77 wrote:
    Played the Alpha and on that basis I pre-ordered.
    Lol, I wouldn't even think of buying based off that

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    Hope this game gets Bioware back on track, so they can pump some $$ into Mass Effect again


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    I see they've announced a demo for the 25th of Jan.

    Sweet! Except you have to either pre-order or subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access.