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    An interesting mix. Also worthy of note that RDR2 didn't take the top spot for anyone. Surely a sign of how solid the year was. I think we've had a couple of stellar years back to back now. Can 2019 match this level of quality?

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    Good picks

    Interesting to see Dragon Quest XI on there, I have it on steam but am yet to play it, does look good though!

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    I to haven't put RDR in my top spot either Odyssey or TR for me but RDR was a bloody awesome game. DQXI is really great, I haven't played any of the others in the series except Heroes so now I'm hoping they port them to current gen.
    Looking forward to Deadfire getting ported to console this year loved every second of PoE.

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    Really good mix of games there, happy to see Octopath Traveller, Smash and DQ11 get some love but I'm really happy Alan mentioned how good Blackout is, I've got a massive backlog of amazing games to play but I just can't stop playing this shizz! And it's only a 1/3 of the package you pay for!

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    Finally got round to giving Octopath a decent amount of time. Had I found the time in 2018 it likely would have made the list.
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