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    You dont need to gather food and water. when you have a base you build a water making thing and breed fish, or what i did was plant a shit load of plants i found on an island and i never had to catch another fish again. Or get the thermal knife and when you are exploring you can eat on the go.

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    Sounds like I really need to work on my base first and foremost - will give that a crack.

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    Been playing Below Zero a bit lately and its in a pretty decent state atm. Some textures are a bit rough & unfinished and there's is fair bit of pop in and clipping here & there, but that's to be expected considering its still in early access. The new vehicles are pretty cool. You have a Sea Truck which I think replaces both the Sea Moth & Cyclops. Its modular which means you can add various modules/sections which are added onto the cockpit so it gradually becomes longer and increases it's functions. There's also a Snow Fox which is hoverbike that can be used to traverse across land. Its pretty cool but a bit awkward to use atm. Theres not a whole lot of story atm & some areas are clearly unfinished eg there one area that has stairs but you just clip through them if you try & go up them. Also there's no modification bench so I'm unable to make depth modules for the Sea Truck so havent explored the really deep areas properly yet. I think its worth playing atm since I've got a good 10-15 hrs out of it but think I'll wait for more content before I jump back in. Overall its shaping up to be another awesome game & can't wait unitl the full release!!

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    nice! look forward to retail and will hit it. continue the story,.

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    Yeah, I bought Below Zero as soon as it came out (same as I did with Subnautica) but will wait until its released to play it so I can enjoy it without foreknowledge. I've got to say, I bought Subnautica solely to support Unknown Worlds (I loved Natural Selection 1 and 2, and a game studio starting from a HL mod tickles me pink), and it paid off so damn much. So I expect Below Zero to do the same.

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    Finally finished Subnuatica last night, just the cuddle fish achievement to go. Will be buying Below Zero.

    Was an amazing game, just when I thought I had gone deeper, there it is, a hole I have to go down thats even deeper,..