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    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Dropped yesterday on Steam.

    Must say its a lot better than I was expecting, can now rank up playing coop modes giving you somthing to grind for, guns feel powerful yet still need a bit of skill to control plus they sound super good. Dismemberment is a cool new feature seeing a suicide bomber come in to a room of dead bodys and detonate then just arms and legs everywhere.

    Few graphical bugs so far but nothing game breaking.

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    What makes the insurgency games better/different to cod/bf?

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    You could say its just a more accessible verion of Arma so more tailored to the hardcore players.
    Hard to compair it to cod/bf as I consider them arcade shooters but in saying that give me Karkand on Standstorm you would almost think it was a BF2 remake.

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    Is it heavy on system reqs? Could be keen. Want something less arcady than bf etc

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    Its Unreal Engine make it look like potato it will run on potato 60+FPS, I get on average 114fps dipps to around 75fps when things get chaotic all settings very high no AA 1440P on 8700k 5ghz 1080ti.

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    Launching now played the previous and liked that so should be good

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    Seriously considering getting this. Here is a really good video that highlights the game:

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    Anyone bought this? I wonder how similar it feels now that it's not running on the source engine.

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    Enjoying it, very hardcore though! Definitely better than the beta's I tried, maps are nice. Sound especially is awesome.

    Pxndx wrote:
    Anyone bought this? I wonder how similar it feels now that it's not running on the source engine.
    It still looks and feels like Insurgency for sure. They're bringing back some old maps too.

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    Yeah just played one with a mate only 1 full low ping server so we jumped on our own. Some stuttering but it feels and plays like the last insurgency generally had fun 6v6 tonight

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    I bought it. There's no one in the player vs player servers (aus/nz) and only a few in the coop servers. It runs pretty garbage too.

    It's a well made game, but no ones playing it and it runs terribly. So if those issues are fixed down the line, I may rebuy it. But for now I'm going to get a refund on steam.

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    Seems odd Im coming up 27h and 90% of the time I get a full coop lobby of 8 players.

    Patch Just dropped an hour ago with some performance improvement to lol.

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    Already got my refund from steam, that was quick. I'll buy it further down the line when the player base grows and it's more optimized.

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    Anyone still playing this? I got it yday - quite good

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    Had a little play on the weekend def some fun solid gameplay