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    We need reasonable gamers acting reasonable, not over-reactions from people claiming "unplayable" apps, or inventing scenarios where resources or commitments are being diverted. I notice pkpingu got real quiet once he figured that fact out.

    It's quite simple, if you have no interest in the mobile games dont play them. Complaining about this is akin to saying development on WoW is taking resources away from Overwatch or Hearthstone. That simply is not the case. Multiple teams, multiple franchises, multiple games.

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    ChrisB, let me try and put it simply for you. No one is arguing that mobile is a new investment for Blizzard. What you and a few other white knights don't understand is that Blizzard is in fact or appears to be putting more attention into the mobile platform (shifting focus, assigning more priority, however you like to put it, means the same thing).

    You refuse to believe it, I can't help with that. When a Blizz employee openly states it, you call it "comfirmation bias" when they don't say anything, you call it a hoax, conspiracy, fiction pushing etc.

    Fact of the matter is, Mobile platform is their newest platform and also one of the first/quickest to be ready/released to the market. At blizz con, they've also said this is a 'fully fledged Diablo experience' so we're pretty much talking about a triple A title on the mobile platform. We can also assume this will go through the same intense QA that you're using for defense of the other Diablo games.

    Let me put it simply in real world terms.
    To blizzard, mobile platform is the future in terms of market access and income generation, just like MMO WOW was the moneymaker back in 2008 over D3. It earns the dough. Whatever earns dough will get the priority. And in this case, in 2018, their focus/priority is on Mobile platform.

    Again, don't know the numbers but I will put my money that Blizzard has more staff/money assigned to Mobile platform to get it rolled out asap over any of the other Diablo (one off purchase) titles.

    If top management at blizzard assigns 5 staff to Diablo2.5 or D4 and assigns 10 staff to Immortal. Which game do you think is more important to Blizzard? Multiple teams, multiple games, multiple franchises still require resources. Resources are assigned by one company. The product that is deemed more important will get more resources and will be rolled out quicker. Simple fact that anyone with half a brain should understand.

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    I called it while at work ages ago that mobile games are going to be a thing, this was after the likes of PUBG came out. Considering phones like Razer and Asus ROG are coming out/are out, it's going to be more and more.

    Yes, I'm sure the majority of people will still be #consolepeasents or #PCMasterRace - the fact of mobile games getting big is something we can't hide.

    I'm excited for Diablo Immortal as it gives me another amazing portable game to play. (I still haven't bought a switch).

    I will agree that bringing out DI to a bunch of PC gamers was not thought out - but having an ending on the big screen with something like a D4 logo would of been amazing.

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    @pkpingu You need to stop. Everything you say is ignorant. You clearly have no idea how game dev works at all. You've invented a fiction with no basis in reality, created a scenerio for it and use that as a basis for your opinion. Its all fiction, its also all completely wrong.
    You see something interpret it to fit your incorrect assumption and think its fact.
    Look up diversification. Investing in new markets is normal. Its about expanding not changing direction. Building a bigger player base not moving to one at the expense of another.
    You're wrong. This is not an opinion. You are wrong.