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    AstoriaParanoia wrote:
    The "I have spoken" guy's mouth not syncing with his words pulled me right out of immersion.
    Just had to look away when he talked.

    Was pretty happy with the episode though.
    Good start, don't rush.
    This totally threw me off too.

    Enjoyed it though, think I will get Disney+ but not sure if we can get it on our TV...

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    Apparently episode 2 is out.

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    This episode is less than 27 minutes long once you take out the 'Previously on' and end credits.

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    Good ep, but way too short imo.
    Baby yoda is what I thought they'd be as well

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    You know that bit in Empire Strikes Back when Vader is talking to the bounty hunters and says "There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive." and then he turns and points to Boba Fett and says "No disintegrations."


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    Seems like this whole series was a proof of concept given the run times. I hope the episodes are longer in season 2. Now we know why they're doing weekly episodes if they gave us the full binge most people would have been done with it in less than a day.

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    27 mins is ridicoulously short for something thats supposed to be as epic as this. I'd feel a bit short changed if I was paying for D+ just for this show. They're probably going for quality over quantity and had to keep costs down somehow I guess.

    The disintegrator rifle was awesome. Found it a bit hard to believe he was able to kill the rhino creature with one stab from that knife though lol

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    like watching a RPG he gets a quest, finishes it, gets rewarded with new epic armor piece, gets another quest changes to a escort quest , gets a side quest and a side kick with 1/day activation

    also always loved how in star wars they can rebuild a star ship with rando stuff and a blowtorch / electrode

    also stuff in SW seem to be made of sterner stuff than reality, thin fragile looking rifle able to melee, block etc like a boss

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    I was a bit disappointed with this episode, it felt like a filler episode which is strange for a series consisting of only 8 (short) episodes. The entire thing was obviously written so they could have the big reveal of the kids powers, but if you're a Star Wars fan you knew the kid probably had powers so the reveal for me felt like a bit of a non event, it would have been better if they'd been riding their mounts back to the ship with the "I have spoken" guy, they stop at the ship to say their goodbyes and while they're talking the baby levitates one of the mounts while giggling, we now know for sure the kid has powers, job done, have the entire thing take up the first 5 minutes of the episode so they can focus on the main plot for the other 22 minutes. To build on Bloody's comment, this entire episode felt like a side mission from an RPG , one of those ones you can do or skip and it doesn't affect anything at all.

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    Was doing a write-up but my mobile browser refreshed and I lost everything. So meh.

    A waste of my time, won't bother watching 3rd.

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    What on earth.

    That was insanely good.

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    Quite a hard acting job for Pedro with the helmet on all the time - episode was short but I also liked it. Does feel a bit like an RPG at this point though.

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    I didnt have any complaints about ep 1, will see how it goes.

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    I really enjoyed it.

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    Love the series so far. Bloody enjoyable watch

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    Apart from wanting an hour at a time, I'm happy with it.

    Jawas go boom!

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    Bloodline wrote:
    I really enjoyed it.
    I thought it felt like they finished filming and went "Sh/t, we've only got 7 episodes and we need 8!" so they cut the ending off Ep1 and called it Ep2. I think the episode works well in the overall scope of the show, like when someone makes the inevitable super cut of all the episodes together turning them into one big movie it's going to fit in just fine, but as a standalone episode it fell a bit flat for me because nothing of any consequence to the overall plot happened.
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    I'm fine with the shorter run times; move at a brisk pace. I'd expect most eps to be ~40-45.

    I've been really impressed with the two episodes - so much style; the music, the art direction, it's all clicking for me so far.

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    "no disintegration" now has more of a meaning.

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    are the other eps 30 mins too?

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    2019 is shit.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    Quite a hard acting job for Pedro with the helmet on all the time - episode was short but I also liked it. Does feel a bit like an RPG at this point though.
    well he learnt from getting his head squished in like a grape, he ain't taking that helmet off this time around.

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    Konev wrote:
    "no disintegration" now has more of a meaning.
    Well, I did disintegrate a couple of them.

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    Bloodline wrote:

    2019 is shit.
    Best thing to do is just watch a show and try to avoid the discourse as much as possible. It used to be fun seeking it out, but now it's just toxic and boring.

    I watched it a 2nd time with my wife in better quality; the Mandalorian character is giving me strong video game player-character vibes. He is basically the Geralt or Shephard. Barely says anything, reacts to what happens around him, every now and then will have some combat to do after talking to an NPC and of course, doesn't show his face in cut scenes.

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    Anyone know what time Ep 3 comes out?