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    Have only played through the prologue briefly this morning but can already tell it is everything I was hoping for

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    Biggest let down for me is car diversity, there's only a handful of tuner cars. I love modifying and then going out beating all the drift zone scores. But it gets pretty boring after doing it in the same few cars pretty quickly.

    The rest of the game however is fantastic, visuals are impeccable. The handling of the vehicles is sublime. Drifting is much harder this time around or at least it feels like it.

    Prologue is long as hell

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    Forza 4 - for the fortnite and pubg generation

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Forza 4 - for the fortnite and pubg generation
    Do Tell? I can’t find battle Royale mode

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    Pennywiser NZ wrote:
    Do Tell? I canít find battle Royale mode
    Dabs, Floss dance, Chicken suits, etc.. won by RNG pokie spins. All the gambling dopamine the kids love.

    Aside from the cosmetic shit, the game is great and if you liked FH3 you'll enjoy FH4.

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    tfw the wheelspin rolls past a legendary car for yet another hat or pair of shorts.

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    I've completed avoided that whole non sense, but yeah its annoying seeing a car just miss out and you get some stupid piece of clothing. But I'm loving the game

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    Who gives a shit about the player avatar in a driving game?

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Who gives a shit about the player avatar in a driving game?
    Kids do it seems. I was annoyed to see it in the game and thought it was a waste of programming. Each time I log in after my son has played, my character is dressed differently and doing new emotes. Seems to be something they care about, even if only a bit.

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    It doesnt help the very small amount of characters you can choose from all look like gormless hipsters

    The clothing and dance thing is also something that can bugger off, but that XP Shutdown horn..... Ill get it one day.... one day!

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    I thnk to be fair we got that all out of our systems with emojis and ICQ notifications and messenger emotes in the 2000's

    The younger generation are just discovering things we experience ages ago and are now cynical about. I spent hours setting up my avatar on x360 back when it first launched

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    IMHO no car game will ever surpass the lofty heights of NFS: Underground I & 2 or Mario Cart...