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    you can play demo of classic wow if you buy a virtual ticket to blizzcon

    crack up!
    pay to play the limited time demo of a game that came out 14 years ago

    to be fair i will probably do it

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    not long now boys. gonna smash the barrens all weekend!!!!!!!!!

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    I can't think why I would want to play classic. I wonder how many people will log on excitedly and then remember how shit it was.

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    I'm not going to bother, not if it costs the price of a subscription.

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    I believe Vanilla will be included in your current sub. In saying that... I was told that by a friend that follows WoW updates etc and haven't bothered to look anything up!

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    After watching a streamer spend 15 minutes completing a "kill & loot 7 mobs" quest it seemed to have a lot of similarities with what people hate about Korean grindfest MMOs. Despite that I will probably sub for a month to play with mates but I can't imagine it keeping my attention for longer than that.

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    The only reason to play classic is for Naxx40, nothing else.

    If that's not there, no point.

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    I think it's a pure nostalgia which is why people are making the comparisons between the current iteration and Vanilla / TBC wow.

    The game due to customer demand has turned into a pure loot piniata where bosses are defeated within a week of being released on live (after countless weeks on the PTR) and the game in my opinion no longer has the "elitism" of the old days. Everyone is decked out in epic gear without having to try whilst in Vanilla and TBC, people in greens were normal with rare items exactly that and the purplez were reserved for the best of the best. Hell I remember completing Benediction and Thok'delar with a degree of fondness despite the quests and tasks not being something that you could zerg to kill.

    Most of the multiboss raid instances in TBC took a week per boss on average to clear (e.g. SSC took around six weeks before Lady Vashj was killed) and that was due partly due to tuning (some such as Kael'thas were unkillable until nerfed) but also because no-one knew the mechanics and strategies to beat the encounters were developed on live. In BFA those strategies were developed on the PTR and beta and so it's simply adjust to the minor changes and execute.

    The game has changed as Blizzard have adjusted to the desires of their customers and for those that look back on the glory days it's just not the same. Classic WOW will always hold some appeal but I think the nostalgia factor is what is making people think it was better than what it was.

    Also what Storm said, Naxx 40 was an experience and too short lived IMO.

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    I personally am looking forward to Classic 2019. I've stopped my current sub as BFA just doesnt do it for me.
    I'm looking forward to reliving the classic days on my Warlock, I would 100% pay a sub for it again.

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    id rather just play on nostalrius or the likes that already have an active user base and active raids etc

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    I'm playing Lightshope private server to get my vanilla fix, as are thousands of others. It feels really good to play on, would recommend it if you're jonesing.

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    I played on Nostralia for a bit but questing was lonely. The private servers didn't bring back the feel of that vanilla questing where you're meeting lots of people around the traps.

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    enigMa wrote:
    I'm playing Lightshope private server to get my vanilla fix, as are thousands of others. It feels really good to play on, would recommend it if you're jonesing.
    Jumped on - man it's SUPER busy. How good. Gave Pally a nudge since I'd never played one. Turns out it's the same for the rest of the server.

    Maybe give Druid or Pally a go when retail is a go.