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    People argue that WWE's business strategies ATM are baffling, I disagree.
    • Do big push for women's wrestling, including Divas only PPV. This appeals to both the 14-year-old boy and SJW markets.
    • Do big push into Saudi market by doing like shows over there featuring no women because they have a misogynist society. New market = potential new revenue.

    Neither of these pushes clash. It's no different than Mattel selling both Matchbox toys and Barbies.

    The divas are mostly athletically fit pin-up types overflowing with femininity, including NXT wrestlers (aka where they "beta test" talent before putting them on the main shows). The narrative of SJW takeover of wrestling and pushing out of the traditional majority male audience from some camps doesn't hold water ATM. I don't think the Iconics tag team duo Peyton Royce and Billie Kay would've gotten boob jobs otherwise.
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    "The narrative of SJW takeover of wrestling"

    What narrative is that? I've never seen that said by any wrestling fan. Then again, I don't live in the cornfield that is your head full of strawmen.

    Also, literally nothing you said has anything to do with the posted trailer.