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    Considering the oceania Nintendo tax, and their already eye watering price in the US, why the **** would anyone even consider picking these up over a pair of 8bitdo NES30s?

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    Uh, why Nintendo? Wouldn't you want to make them more appealing not less? Insane!
    Nintendo gonna Nintendo.

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    Nintendo knows just the right amount abuse and customer-unfriendly practices it can dish out and still turn a profit.

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    At a guess it's an easy way to address the compatibility issues relating to not enough buttons (but yes, I don't see why you couldn't extend support to games that have a limited control set).

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    The fanboys on social media are working extra hard in Nintendo's cotton fields defending the super shit DRM of this paid online service. Phone home every 7 days required to keep playing the NES games offline; cloud saves are erased if you stop subbing.
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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    cloud saves are erased if you stop subbing.
    wait, what? source? that's ****ed, even PS Plus and MS don't pull that shit.

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    Feliz wrote:
    wait, what? source?

    Source for the NES games needing to phone home every 7 days to be playable offline:-

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    use your joycons for those indie games

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    Nintendo just basically sell the case for Modders and Hackers.

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    Kinda surprised that they haven't releases an NES style Switch, in which these controllers would only work with.