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    Aww get that man onto Tinder, he'll be right.

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    Vlog link in the article is broken.

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    Hope he does not use this to pimp his Youtube channel or find out it was all a cheap tactic for hits.

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    there is a he said she said additions as well. She says she never got with his cousin/half brother etc. Who knows, but kudos to insomnaic to helping him in the first place, but shit happens.

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    Here's the other side of the story:-
    You might have seen a headline recently like “Wedding Proposal Hidden In Spider-Man Becomes World’s Saddest Easter Egg.” Apparently one Tyler Schultz asked Insomniac Games via Twitter if they would include a proposal for marriage to his girlfriend, personal trainer Madison Gamble, inside the latest Spider-man game. Touched, the company obliged, decorating a theater marquee with MADDIE WILL YOU MARRY ME? Unfortunately, Maddie broke up with Schultz before the game was released. Even worse, he claimed that she had left him for his brother! Jacinda Chew, Art Director at Insomniac, offered to patch the game to remove the message, but Schultz instead asked that it be changed to a tribute to his deceased grandmother, who he credited with sparking his interest in the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Thus was the perfect bittersweet tale of a broken heart concluded.
    After a few minutes of research on Facebook, I reached out to her for her side of the story.

    “Basically Tyler and I had been together for over 5+ years,” says Gamble. “We started dating when I was 15 1/2 and we moved into my parents’ house together shortly after due to unforeseen circumstances. Us moving in together so young was I think really hard on our relationship. We were living like the Brady Bunch with eight people in our house.
    Our relationship was great for a long time, but I started to realize about a year ago that I was not happy. I kept it going because I wanted to make it work, but he has done some things that I realized I really shouldn't have forgave him for. Our relationship had issues both mentally and physically... He never understood me unfortunately.
    Even the proposal which he thought was the save all of our relationship was never the way I would have like to be proposed to. I never liked video games, but I sat through them because I loved him. Our relationship turned into a mother and son relationship where I had to remind him about things, I had to deal with his financial mistakes, his violent outbursts etc. We never did things normal couples would do like go out, dance, parties, sit under the stars.
    I told him in July that he had a month to change my mind and it didn't happen, so I broke up with him. I have big prospects in life and I am a highly motivated individual, but it was extremely challenging to have to be someone else's motivation to simply get out of bed or get off of his video games. As far as his half-brother goes, Tyler had asked him to check in on me and ask me how I was doing after I broke up with him, so of course we got close. And our relationship just built from there. I did not leave Tyler for his half-brother and I have never been unfaithful to Tyler.”
    Of course it's all he said, she said. Take everything said by all parties with a grain of salt.

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    You guys need to get on snus to go hard