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    Streets of Age alright. Big issue with these sorts of games in 2018? Shallowness. Me and bro passed many happy hours on Mega Drive with SoR 2, but the genre hasn't aged well. Needs some fighting game or even Monster Hunter style depth and complexity to feel more substantial these days. Best examples of this genre to play now are Guardian Heroes and the superb Die Hard Arcade on Dreamcast.

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    Disagree, i enjoy these games a lot, been waiting for a return of SOR, old beat em ups to me a more enjoyable then the mortal kombat/street fighter type games.

    Double Dragon Neon and Mother Russia Bleeds a 2 games i just played recently which are fun.

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    Pretty hyped for this, spent a lot of time playing Streets of Rage, Guardian Heroes and similar lesser known titles of the same ilk. It would be cool if they had RPG elements and were rogue-like, DFO is a great example of the genre in this day and age.

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    Good news, even though the retro can't be competed with but still I am excited.

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    ****ing sweet!

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    sweet! Now they need to make a Golden Axe remake!