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    NA are getting Deception IV for ps3, the EU blog says that we are getting a game called Extreme Exorcism instead.

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    Meh month for me

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    Meh month for like the fifth year in a row.

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    Heavy Rain is a PS3 title

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    Tormenta wrote:
    Heavy Rain is a PS3 title
    It was remastered for PS4

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    It was remastered for PS4
    Yeah but so? If they're gonna remaster a bitchin' PS3 title, do Starhawk.

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    dam was quietly hoping for overcooked given that part 2 is out in early august....been looking for a fun game to play coop with the kids

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    Been kinda interested in checking out Absolver, but it's low enough down my list of games that I haven't wanted to pay for it yet, so this is a pretty good month for me.

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    Tormenta wrote:
    Yeah but so? If they're gonna remaster a bitchin' PS3 title, do Starhawk.

    Starhawk, I had a blast in the Beta as everybody was doing the objective but the retail release with camping joe public it was always one side being spawn camped.

    Either that or MAG for my most wanted game to be remastered, freaking loved that game even with its imbalances, but pick the right team for the mode you're playing it was pretty sweet.

    Could go for some Twisted Metal (PS3), was an awesome game online except the online problems which I had an "easier" time in the beta as it allowed late joining, played quite a lot of Nuke mode, didn't even play Nuke in the retail release..

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    Yes, Warhawk. Probably my most treasured multiplayer experiences were in that game but I loved Starhawk's dynamic base building stuff. I see that kind of mechanic in Fortnite, Starhawk was a forerunner to that

    I was amped for Twisted Metal but the control scheme was way too convoluted and complex, it wasn't as easy to get into as TM Black or World Tour.

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    Is pretty meh this month which is a shame

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