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    Yeah definitely some pretty obvious "inspirations" going on there.

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    Identical bug. lol oops

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    When I saw the announce I assumed it was a licensed clone/re-skin, this is so much more hilarious.

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    You'd think with companies like this someone, somewhere, in some department at whoever did the Westworld one would have said "guys, come on".

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    The work was probably outsourced to someone who outsourced again and finally landed in the lap of someone dodgy enough to think they can get away with a blatant rip off.

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    They love a good clone job they do

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    I'm happy that the mobile market exists. It's more or less killed the "shitty licensed games" syndrome on PC/console, since the shovelware licensed games are coming out on mobile. The traditional games market mostly now gets high quality licensed games like Shadow or Mordor, Batman Arkham series, Alien: Isolation and Mad Max.