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    waiting for gadot

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    Valeyard wrote:
    The music is fecking spot on

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    Loved the music but seems to have confirmed the plot leaks (no spoilers) - was hoping they weren’t true.

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    Apart from the whole Steve Trevor somehow being alive again it looks pretty good to me

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    Absolutely loved the first one. this is not clicking.

    Can anyone explain the storyline for me?

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    I’ll send you a pm, it explains both why Steve is back and a little more. Won’t link it here because officially they haven’t released the storyline.

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    First "Stranger Things" now "Wonder Woman:84" with the American 1980s mall scenes. And the music. This is effn awesome.

    The 1980s is the new "Rock and Roll era" to be nostalgic about for us, like the 1950s were for our parents.

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    looks good! some of the sets had a bit of an uncanny valley feel ? Need a bit more of a sepia filter imho.

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    the epic trailer version of blue monday is a real bop tho