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    tbh the devs paint too "good" of the world background. If almost 80% of the current world population find themselves out of an job or a means of production or hell even the ability to partner up because a droid is now both child bearer , child and partner , it would be open warfare and eventual extinction of one side or the other. Considering how amazingly intelligent the driods are, it would likely be us to be made extinct

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    I've played/watched around 4 hours of this game.

    I think it's utter trash.

    The stories are tired and regurgitate things we've seen before and better. It does nothing new or even interesting with the transhumanism themes.
    The characters are two-dimensional, and cliche'd. There are some interesting character beats, but for the most part they're just rehashes of the same tired tropes we've seen in sci-fi fantasy for decades.
    Mechanically its awful! QTE's for the sake of QTE's, and even then they're woefully inconsistent in their application and execution.
    Then there's the "immersive" interactivity of the controls. Needlessly complex, slow, and awkward. They just constantly break up the flow of the game with their clumsy implementation.

    On the plus side it is stunning to look at. The acting is really solid, and some of the traditional Adventure game aspects are well done.

    Also not a fan of the flow-chart at the end of chapters. The game constantly reminds you its a game. From the "follow the on-screen prompt" bullshit, and the see your choices it never allows you to immerse yourself in the fiction.

    5/10. Worse than both Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

    I although must admit I do not like David Cage's games, and really don't like how he tells a story, and I hate the controller foreplay and masturbation he seems fixated on. So this game was never meant for me. I expect fans of this other titles will dig this.

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    Quantic dream games have terrible controls

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    i watched a mate play this while we were setting up for our board game night, i was like hmm looks kinda.. fiddly and he goes yeah its trash and both of us went, man the driods would clean us off their robot boots LOL

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Quantic dream games have terrible controls
    Yeah just played Beyond 2 Souls the other week & the controls were definitely shit.

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    I was pretty surprised to reach the end of that review and see an 8. It really reads like a lower score. Like a 6.5 or 7.