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    This is awesome! Also, I really kinda want one.

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    MS really is doing everything right... except the non-Forza and Gears games.

    EDIT: UWP and Windows Store are trash. Three years later and it's hardly gotten any better.
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    For the people who could benefit so much from gaming, I love it. I really want one... my hands feel too small for the controller tbh and the thumb sticks on the Xbox one feel longer than the 360 which means I have to hold my thumbs further back who doesn't want well mapped, easy to reach buttons?

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    too bad it's only renders at the moment, gonna be real interesting to see how people rig this in creative ways. Especially if it's straight pc compatible xinput, and whatever signal used on the usb/3.5mm inputs are easy to replicate standards without needing expensive MS proprietary expansions - simmers are gonna have a blast!

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    just what i need for my huge library of japanese anime grope simulators!

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    I’ve had amazing experiences in gaming through my life. Limited mobility shouldn’t disqualify you from those. This is awesome that MS would invest in something for a minority, that I imagine is not likely to return a profit. Nice to know there are still humans with hearts in the upper hierarchy of MS to approve a project like this. I tip my hat to you MS