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    I hear Laurel and my missus hears yearly?

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    Spanked. wrote:
    I hear Laurel and my missus hears yearly?
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap

    you know what that means

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    Tell her to conform or leave?

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    it sounds like Lemmy haha "ace of spades" cool song

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    I guess I use this audio priming a lot in my job, when I have an inaudible and go back and think of the word they could have said in the context of the sentence and boom, I hear it then

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    A wild MXRecord appears - well played sir, well played indeed! Great to have it finally solved.

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    I heard Yanny first, then Laurel. Now I hear them both.

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    I can only hear Yearly. Until it's shifted upwards, then I hear Laurel.

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    Thread is useless without poll..I hear laurel pretty much always. But that green needle/brainstorm one, heard green needle the first time, then brainstorm every time after that

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    Sounds like brain needle, first time listening to it was brainstorm.

    *Just tried saying the word aloud, now i can hear all of them. Brainstorm, green needle, green storm and brain
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    gneiss wrote:
    ^I just tried mixing that one up. I tried both green needle and brain storm and heard what I wanted. I tried green storm, got that, I tried brain needle, got that. Weirded me out.
    Yeah that one is even weirder because of how easy it is to switch and have them come across completely different.

    Frederick James wrote:
    well played sir

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    I hear laurel. Have we considered people with hearing loss might hear different things? I thought I heard Yanny for a second at the beginning but laurel towards the end.

    People who have lost certain frequencies might hear one thing while others with better hearing hear something else.

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    ^That's not the case with the green needle/brainstorm one, like i said above try saying it before listening to it, you should be able to hear both of them, i know i do.

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    Its weird when I listened on my PC it was clearly Laurel but on my daughters phone it's clearly Yanny

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    KevinL wrote:
    So good
    Only hear i'm a paper chaser.

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    Yanny. No doubt about it.

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    Brie needle, some kind of thing you cut brie cheese with.

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    I heard something different on different speakers if that helps. That makes it a bit less of a mystery.