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    Hobbes wrote:
    hmm June eh
    be sweeet if you could come Hobbes...
    been toooo long brother!

    Hope you'e all well downunder.

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    Oh man be so cool to have you guys there.
    all the old school. Will be a mad piss up

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    Do it!

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    10 weeks to go girls lans filling up fast
    Let me know if your coming so i can get the Ky ready

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    XXTermXX wrote:
    be sweeet if you could come Hobbes...
    been toooo long brother!

    Hope you'e all well downunder.

    hey bud

    all well here south of the border, no fires or freak hail storms today

    sadly june is not looking good for a trip to nz, but will try keep options open.

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    Fark, 10 years. Tempting man for a trip for what will be a shit hot LAN!

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    get ya ass over her caniffe you and hobs are welcome at my house Term is already booked flights and comming

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    Was so good to have Term over for the lan and party was awesome fun as ushall
    some Pics up

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    Wow this threads dead.

    Howdy All

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    hey Puckerfactor
    How are ya man?

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    Good thanks. Good to see SMG still going. Had a bit of a read through of this thread yesterday. Seems like so long ago lol.

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    Yeah been a while CS has been good But most people have moved on to new games Now!
    Bos to of us have moved onto Blackops
    Is where its at nowdays

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    Sorry the Teamspeak server is down.
    Teamspeak Connect to
    Ill have the other server fixed tomorow

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    hihi smeg

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    HeyTom How you going Bro?
    Get your ass down here for the Labour weekend lan bro.
    Going to be another big one

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    historical !


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    Diablo 3. Lot of old crew playing oh yer

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    Hey guys if your playing Jump in teamspeak 1st then everyone can Talk and play togeather
    get it from here

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    Hey oldies! Keep it down eh!
    How are ya bastards?

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    Leadership skills... lol

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    ITT all [SMG] players (including myself ) are spiteful little trolls.

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    la dee daa dee

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    life in the old thread after all. hello old CS players in retirement villages