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    E3 2018 Thread

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    6am Sun June 11th |
    Announced Games:
    Battlefield, Anthem, Sports

    8am Mon June 12th |
    Announced Games:

    1.30pm Mon June 12th |
    Announced Games:
    Rage 2

    5am Tues June 13th |
    Announced Games:
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest Builders 2

    8am Tues June 13th |
    Announced Games:
    The Division 2, For Honor, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Crew 2, Skull & Bones

    1pm Tues June 13th |
    Announced Games:
    Spider Man, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding

    4am Wed June 14th |
    Announced Games:

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    Doom 5 announcement, Skyrim for DOS, some shitty expansion for ESO that no one will play and some shit about their hearthstone rip off.

    plz doom 5 tho

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    FH4 hopefully

    - - - Updated - - -

    and some RDR2 gameplay

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    Probably some Evil Within 2 DLC as well from Bethesda.

    I'm hoping for something from Capcom regarding the RE2 remake, and on that note a date for the first FF7 remake episode release from SquareEnix. News that Shenmue 3 will have slipped into 2019. More weirdness from Kojima's Death Stranding. Otherwise right now I'm not entirely sure what else I'm waiting for.

    Edit - Oh, more Last of Us 2! How could I forget.
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    evil within 2 dlc pls!

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    FH4 hopefully

    - - - Updated - - -

    and some RDR2 gameplay
    FH4 will definitely be there, and set in Japan according to rumours. Last rumour was right about being set in Aussie.

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    and some RDR2 gameplay
    Rockstar doesn't care about E3, or any trade show in general really. R* games has such grass roots appeal to the point where any marketing material that they drop will be shared like wildfire on social media by gamers.

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    GTA has shown up at a few conferences during the past. Since PS have advertising rights to RDR this time round i expect a new trailer at there presser followed by R* doing full gameplay later this year.

    Is there any truth to the Scifi Sandbox game by BethSoft?

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    Nintendo Switch checklist for me:

    Pokemon trailer / teaser
    Metroid 4 gameplay
    Smash (new entry or DX)

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    Hopefully some new ips instead of just sequels. I'm mostly looking forward to what Sony and MS will announce at E3.

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    Skyrim super special edition playable on Smart Fridges

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    Deathbat wrote:
    Skyrim super special edition playable on Smart Fridges
    is Skyrim out on mobile phones yet?

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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    Nintendo Switch checklist for me:

    Pokemon trailer / teaser)

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    TLOU 2 release date hopefully.

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    Please for the love of Christ and Allah Beth, drop some new shit already.

    **** Skyrim.

    **** an expansion etc.

    New shit Todd, gummon

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    I'm actually keen for some MP footage on the next CoD game considering Treyarch are the devs. Kind of miss playing a decent CoD since I avoided IW and WW2 like the plague.

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    If there is no info on Anthem then screw Bioware!

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    Oh don't worry Xbox will pimp Anthem like nobodies business.

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    Looks like this year I'll be able to watch all of E3 live, first time in years I've been able to do that, so excite!

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    Done it for the past few years. I like it. Also add in the Easy Allies post and pre show, shows.

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    Vegelixx wrote:
    If there is no info on Anthem then screw Bioware!
    Anthem will be a disappointment for EA and Bioware will be closed ~2 years later.

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    i expect Anthem to be shown in a much downgraded version.

    we have seen what they want it too look and play like, it's now time for them to show us they can't pull that vision off.

    and i suspect that if Anthem gets close to the negativity that Destiny 2 or even the loot box crap that Battlefront 2 got, then Bioware will be closed very quickly after release.

    Pokemon on Switch would be interesting to finally see something for.
    not really much else i'm overly excited about seeing really.

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    Hopefully they announce a release date for Days Gone as well

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    probably pokemon for switch is what I'm most excited if it does get shown

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