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    Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition

    Gave the demo a spin.
    VERY happy with performance and visuals. The GFX settings are pretty robust, if labeled oddly in places, but pretty much everything is there. nVidia users get some Hair Works, Turf Works (like hair, but for grass), and some advanced shadows.

    My 2 year old high-end gaming rig with a GTX 1080 handles 4K with most options up all the way @60
    If I use the 75% resolution scale. I average well over 60 with every option turned up to max, and my aging eyes can barely tell I've lost some pixels. This setting I am more than happy to play on.

    Consider me impressed. Roll on release day!!

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    Sounds like performance improved from the benchmark

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    I think the demo is defaulting to 1080p on my screen, did it happen on yours? (maybe it just doesn'lt like 1440p panels) I can tell by the size of the text overlay from msi afterburner - set it to 200% resolution with everything maxed out with 80-90fps in the demo starting area
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    It did default to 1080, but will kick into set resolution once the game starts proper.

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    Did some more testing in the benchmark - at actual 4k (100% resolution scale) this time with every setting maxed out and HDR turned on (including all gameworks settings turned on) I get 40-50fps, I'd have to turn down some settings to hit 60, otherwise it can be played like consoles at 30fps with even higher graphics - if I want to play at 30fps then I can maintain that lock with 125% resolution scale on the 4k base resolution and almost get a 30fps lock with 150% resolution scale over 4k

    But that being said, I was kinda disappointed with the graphics - HDR is no where near as good as it looks on the PS4 but I believe this is just because Windows 10 is shit and and yes while with everything maxed out it looks better than a PS4 PRO, its not that much different, the overall lackluster art design and barren monotone landscapes still look more or less the same

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    Wut, but Denuvo is the best "DRM" that can defeat PC piracy !

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    not advocating piracy here, but FFXV runs demonstrably worse than the demo.
    Did a quick test in the first area with exact same settings between the full version and the demo. Averaging 10-16% lower FPS on the full version.

    Going to track down the crack and use that. Cant say for certain its Denuvo, as there may be some changes I dont know about.

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    lol if it's Denuvo

    what CPU you running by the way?

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    SirGrim wrote:
    lol if it's Denuvo

    what CPU you running by the way?
    i5 6600K @4.35ghz

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    I would suggest waiting another year or two before picking this game up, with another 4 DLC planned for this year & how shit the gameplay gets I won't be visiting the DLC. Wish I had skipped the season pass with its cut content added in for DLC.

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    In another year they'll release the super deluxe edition? will that be the final edition?

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    Pc gamer did some tests found Denuvo has no impact on the game performance

    Additionally they benched different cpu cores and found quad core is ok but for best performance you want a 6 core cpu there is significant performance boost and reduced loading time with a 6 core cpu

    There was no further performance improvement from 8 core cpu
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    How does the port run with regards to controls? would it be alright to run only on keyboard and mouse?