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    2018 SKT News

    For SKT T1 fans,
    Poohmandu and Bengi have just signed for a coach spot in SKT

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    Dont think coach was ever a big issue for SKT tho.. this year was simply Bang being below average and Peanut / Huni not able to playing to where they were before.

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    Ever a fan of SKT, and love Faker. he is skilled player.
    Dont know much about Poohmandu and Bengi ( remember him in the last match )

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    Poohmandu and Bengi were part of the original all solo queue which had 4 splits win plus world champs domination for 2 years and then Impact went to NA, PMD quit and the ADC went to EU.

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    SKT is looking good

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    Can SKT win the champion in S8? It's hard to say...It may belong to Chinese team.

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    they probably won make Worlds this year, their line up exc Faker is not good enough. Gr1ffon is absolutely tearing everyone apart. They smashed KZ a few days ago. Considering there is GenG ( former KSV and current World Champs are atm better than SKT ) , AFreeca , KZ and now Gr1ffon , it is highly unlikely SKT will make it to worlds without another miracle gauntlet run.

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    well, SKT has responded after this years disappointing results. , they have gotten Khan, Teddy and 2 more junglers including Haru ...

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    SKT have also signed Mata, which now makes it arguable (I'd say probably) the best team ever on paper in the history of the organisation.

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    yeah, i wonder if the meta changing to be tanks dominant top and jungler will hurt them as Khan is not a tank player and nether is Haru.
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    woofle wrote:
    SKT is long range pump sprayer looking good
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