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    I took the plunge on this on release day and really happy with it. Reception has been either fairly positive or scathing. ACG ripped into the performance and gave it a 'wait for a sale'. I've been playing mostly handheld and while the frames dip a bit, I think it's still maintained a sense of speed. Also I've not had any audio issues yet. The multiplayer seems to be very active which isn't surprising being a new release, much more so than the PS4 version where I've had nights of not being able to get a game at all.

    I'm 50/50 pro controller vs joy cons in regards to time spent with the game depending on where I'm playing.

    Looking forward to running arcade mode once I'm done with the campaign, dipped my toes in and it was great fun.

    Seems ludicrous the price is almost double that of existing versions though. That part I have trouble justifying.

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    Gyro aiming + resolution improvements added in last nights patch:

    Can confirm, looks and plays a lot better.