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    The Evil Within 2

    Anyone played it yet?
    First one was good but my main gripe was it was not scary. Definetly not Resident evil 7 level of scary.

    I doubt the open world will help that. Still lookin forward to getting it.

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    Got bored with first one, second one looks like the same thing.

    Outlast was better....... although not getting Outlast 2 either

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    Yeah first one was shit. Only played for a couple of hours & gave up from boredom.

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    Yeah, first one turned into a shootout massacre after the first scary stage.

    Not really what they marketed it as.

    No interest in it any further.

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    Gave up after 10 minutes, never went back.

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    2 looks leaps and bounds better than the first. Still, will wait for reviews.

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    It looks good but I'll prolly play it when it gets a bit cheaper.

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    If you played the original on the harder modes it certainly was more freaky, but certainly the pacing went up and down between shooting everything and survival. The final 3rd of the game basically followed the RE4 path and just went giant battle set piece to set piece.

    The reviews for this one so far look to be better. I'm still on the fence, mostly because there are so many games the next two months.

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    Loved every second of the first one - I'm picking this up this week.

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    Actually went back to the first one in the weekend, only got up to chapter 2-3 first time around. Enjoying it heaps this time, on Chapter 9 at the moment. Great game if you are a survival horror fan imo, I am always out of ammo and tense as hell which is strange because I usually beat games of this ilk with heaps of leftover ammo and health.

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    Will be getting it, enjoyed the RE4 vibes from the first one.

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    Wonder if this has invisible difficulty adjustment like RE:4.

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    I don't know if it does but I do know you can unlock a "classic" survival horror mode where weapons are default as found (no upgrading) and you're limited to just 7 saves through the whole game on the otherwise hardest difficulty mode.

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    Bought this on a whim last nite. Seems suitably creepy so far although stealth seems pretty mandatory as the combat is a bit naff and it's easy to get overwhelmed by more than one enemy. The semi open-world / crafting elements are right up my alley.

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    bought this one a whim today against better judgement, now I have wolfenstein 2, ass creed origins and evil within 2 and no time to play them because ill be play cod ww2 from tommorow until the first destiny 2 dlc is out... **** me, ill get to play these next year maybe

    on an interesting note though, im downloading a 15gb patch for the game at 30mbps, which is way higher than the 12mbps max that I should get unless vodafone sneakily boosted my speeds

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    ps4 pro and xbox one x patches have been released

    game goes from 1080p 30fps on ps4 to 1260p 60fps on pro - what a difference it makes

    its 1800p 60fps on xbox one x