A thread to discuss how ****ed up America is. (No Posts About The Wall)

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    Lol, surprised faces all round

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    Lmao the context is Trump withdrew forces from Syria, and that's his justification.

    Additionally, if you say something as clear as that, it doesn't need any further context. It's like if Trump was to say "I agree with everything Hitler did" (who knows, he probably does given he used to keep a copy of the Mein Kampf in his bed side drawer) and you still need further context.

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    Lol what the actual ****

    “These dudes are worse than ISIS also we were their ally and we fought alongside them against those awful terrorists, ISIS”

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    "I have committed this mistake of believing in you, the Americans."

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    And we are beginning to enter a trustless age. As soon as the world moves off the US fiat system and back to gold standard in the next year or so, the US won't be able to conduct regime change or military intervention anyway. In terms of the chaos on the global geopolitical and geoeconomic scene -which is an indicator that this whole fiat system as a unit of account, this experiment that we've been running for 50 years - that's coming to an end because we have Turkey, who is a NATO ally since 1951 or something like that, and Trump is saying that we're gonna wage against them some sort of economic war the likes of which the world has never seen for no other reason than the chaos we caused in Syria. So it's the end of trust. We see these alliances falling apart and this is part of deglobalization.

    It's just an observable that you could see for yourself, you could see the facts or you can apply all sorts of partisan analysis to it. Or you could just say: this is exactly as it has happened throughout history. Now of course the Netherlands is one of these sensible northern European countries that has been against the bailouts of the Italians and the Greeks and all these lazy no-goodniks in the south of Europe who require the zero percent interest rates from the ECB. After all the Netherlands were against the extension of quantitative easing. And the Dutch central bank just issued a report which says that if the whole system collapses, their own gold reserve can serve as collateral to start from scratch. It's not a matter of if but of when the system collapses, and the Dutch central bank is blowing the whistle on the fiat money system, it's telling the people in the Netherlands that the fiat money system is an essentially racist endgame. You can't build a global economy if every single country has a different definition of what their unit of account is, and that's been the problem since 1971, that every single country has decided that their currency is relatively valuable based on other currencies but not against something that everyone agrees to be universally accepted as a unit of account - that would be gold - so then you have this Tower of Babel situation and geo-economics has become highly unstable and as night follows day, as every cycle repeats, we're now back to a fiat money collapse cycle and gold taking a preeminence as unit of account.

    Recently Mark Carney who is the head of the Bank of England - he was in the United States where all the central bankers of the world met just a month or so ago - and he basically said the US dollar is toast. He essentially said it cannot operate as a unit of account anymore and that we need a stable, honest unit of account. He didn't mention that we should just return to gold, and that would be a sensible thing to do, but what he would suggest is that the IMF should issue a synthetic crypto currency. That way, everybody can then know how much debt is there and it avoids the situation of these global trade wars. The trade wars are a result of the exorbitant privilege of the United States - the corporation's in the US don't need the workers. Why would you pay a worker any money when you could just get free goods from overseas? So these are the imbalances that erupt. The Chinese don't want to replace the US dollar with their currency because they don't want the same problems America has with the Deplorable Heartland, what Hillary Clinton would call the Deplorable is living there, they used to have jobs and now they have the exorbitant privelege of no longer being the terminal end point in a production line.

    Zero Hedge recently headlined that if the entire system collapses, gold will be needed to start over. Besides bitcoin there is no other alternative. You can't really replace a problem with a similar problem, you have to replace the problem with the opposite of the problem and the problem is Fiat money, whose value is determined by economists who would go to excruciating lengths to avoid having to get real jobs.

    But what happens to the US empire under a gold standard? Having a gold standard for global trade has always been what Kings or emperors wanted to force other nations to abide by, and how they do that is bombs, attacks, war. What happens then is they go bankrupt because war costs a lot of money. So of course, because the US not only had war but they had been off the the gold standard since 1971, they also unleashed all the derivatives of the world, which masked the costs of all of the US wars. All of the wars are essentially dumped into since the Commodities Futures Modernization Act, since a glass-steagall got rid of that. The bank's basically print their way into perpetual war, which has meant the US has been in non-stop war after non-stop war since 2001. They have never not been in a war, they have never not had a Syrian sort of situation or Yemeni situation of Somali situation or Iraqi situation. Afghanistan, Libya, etc., at the end of the day this is a result of trying to control the fiat system. Eventually you are going to have a hyperinflation war because a new war is needed to mask all the the debts of the previous war.

    So it folows that the value of life in a gold standard world starts to go up. Under a fiat money standard, if the price of money is zero or negative and there's no way to value anything including life, then wars become a simple push-button affair between countries who have no compunction about wiping out populations because it doesn't cost them anything because they just print more money. If you go back to a gold standard and to wipe out another country or to send a bunch of your young overseas to get murdered by some other country and you have to pay for it in gold, you're gonna maybe be hesitant to do that because the value of life just went up. Any time we had wars, whatever Empire at that time happened to be, and there have been dozens of them throughout history, they are always trying to force compliance and obedience from the edge of empire and they're always having to print more money to do so, basically, or clip their coins in order to devalue it in order to pay for the ongoing wars to extract not only resources but obedience and compliance from these people, so here we have the same situation where they're suggesting that we're at the end of trust. Nobody believes that this exorbitant privilege should be given to the Empire at this moment. The banks don't trust each other, the countries don't trust each other. That's also what the repo market suggests - that the banks don't trust each other. So you're seeing already a reflection of that.

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    Press conference with Mick Mulvaney just before. After two weeks of Republicans saying there was no quid pro quo on the Ukraine dealings we get this now.

    Mulvaney concedes that Trump’s desire to investigate “DNC server” was part of the reason Ukraine aide was held up

    reporter: so it was a quid pro quo

    Mulvaney: we do that all the time. get over it. politics is going to be involved in foreign policy. elections have consequences

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    Got sent this on the fecesbook, the subtlety of it being written in sharpie wasn't lost either