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    Bloody wrote:
    really? hes a comedian right? not a politician , not a policy maker, not a religious leader etc. Hes a comedian, yes he has influence. Thats g'ood for him. If you were a reasonable person and understands what comedy , self expression etc is and is well balanced your thoughts etc you would not take what he says seriously. Now if you are not, then thats your problem.

    What makes you think he is a comedian? One can be a celebrity personality without being a comedian...

    I have problems with the rest of your post, but I'd like to get that first bit clarified just so we're on the same page.

    You said yourself that you're not a viewer of his. So I'm curious how you got the impression that he was a comedian.

    After we clear that up... I guess the next question is why you think comedians get a get out of jail free card.

    I think you'll find that most comedians, particularly the professional kind, accept that a joke must be funny for it to be considered non-offensive.

    Did you watch the video of this event? Was it a joke? What was the setup, if the punchline was "what a ****ing n*****"? Because... if you'd actually bothered to look at what you're talking about... you'd notice that there was no setup. It wasn't a joke. There was no punchline.

    It was a vulgarity, an intended insult.

    That's not funny. I don't think you'll find any comedians who would consider that comedy.

    I also think you need to check out, at least peripherally what it is you're talking about. Otherwise you just look like an idiot.

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    i didnt say he was exempt from criticism, he is a online personality with 1.5 mill subs. If he really did something offensive , he would suffer the loss of subs. But he did not.

    Yes Nerin, i consider him a comedian, a performer. He is certainly no professionally skilled player. So he sells his package based on personality, performance right? Ok maybe you dont find him funny. Fine. Thats your take. I used comedian as that was closest i could classify him, lets settle on performer. Happy?

    Ok so he used a vulgarity. Oh wow. Online too, wow that's is just wounding. Hmm ok are we over this now? is that it? Ok, he is allowed too. He is completely allowed to insult, use vulgarity and be judged on it. Completely. Some will accept this, some like yourself will not. It is his right of free speech. And we should be allow this to continue. We should not censor him. We should allow him to say whatever you want and then you should trust the fact that we can educate everyone else to judge him or not, based on the context and his use of it. As a simply test, just think to yourself if PDP was black or african american. And he used the N word. Would there be a huge blowup like this? See? context and relativity. As i said before, performers should be allowed to say what they want , some like Mel Gibson will be ostracized etc , some will get away with it

    you dont think Comedians will get away? i suggest you see Eddie Murphy Delirious tour. Sure nowadays he may not but you never know , Trump etc got elected.

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    the **** you even talking about? lol

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    Bt wrote:
    I found what I expected to find in this thread
    Yep it's the same thing every time.

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Yep it's the same thing every time.
    And the same people attacking anyone who disagrees

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    Wait, was it with an 'er or an 'ah...that is the real hot take.

    Samoans use this vibe all the time, so I be used to it I guess.., not acceptable obviously though in most situations outside of the aforementioned Delerious and Chappelle skits and whatnot.

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    ^ Aren't you the whitest Samoan evarrrrr?

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    Bloody is added to a list of people i will not read. what a crock of shit.