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    Don't release your game in our region then if you plan on forcing people to use servers on the other side of the world - of course you will get bad reviews.
    Muppets - wanting their cake and eat it too.

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    What a bunch of dicks.

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    On the other hand, it is relevant for players looking at reviews to see what their FRIENDS in other regions will be facing when they are trying to decide if they want to pick up a MULTIPLAYER game.

    Regional reviews for multiplayer games would only be relevant if the multiplayer was restricted to the region too.

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    Yeah well Funcom, it is more likely that your games suck bags of shit.

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    I don't think gating them, so you can ONLY see reviews from your region should happen, however I would be ok with the review bit at the top stating what country that person is in, as I think that is fair. But if you want to play in a global market, you need to anticipate global reactions.

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    all funcom games are shit anyway f2p files of dog ass

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    If your customer base is a global one then surely you have to cater for the greatest amount of demand. If oceanic players opinions are important put more resources into better servers for us or choose to ignore us.

    However if our experience is terrible due to under or no investment in our online experience don't be surprised if our opinions bring your ratings down.

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    SirGrim wrote:
    all funcom games are shit anyway f2p files of dog ass
    You may not like them, but that dose not mean there bad games. That means YOU don't like them.... Secret World is a really good and different kind of MMO. Anarchy Online used to be one of the biggest MMOs after WoW, and has one of the most generous F2P models out there, with the only content you can't get to being the expansions.