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    Get themselves a good curry, put their feet up and watch some cricket. Obviously.

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    Find the nearest airport and leave.

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    What an awesome giveaway!

    I'd kill for this pack after the last few months of hell.

    I think they should do something on the water, or at least based around it. The diving scene in uncharted 4 was amazing. I'd love for them to explore say an undiscovered treasure cave under the water.

    Maybe even something off the rivers in India.

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    Visit Taj Mahal

    and then explore the Temple of Doom, like Indy did
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    Drive to the nearest motel, order a crate of wine and a bucket of goose fat, and take turns on the Tusk of Ganesha.

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    Buy a run down hotel and get a load of elderly English actors as guests...

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    Go swimming in the Ganges

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    Star in a music video alongside mah man Daler Mehndi.

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    They Should go check out the bollywood scene

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    Save the sacred cows

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    Set up a Burger Fuel franchise

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    Drink the local water and spend the next two sequels "otherwise occupied"

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    Co-writing and co-directing Star Wars Episode IX.
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    They should track down Carmen Sandiego, I heard she was in New Delhi.

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    Relax and take time out to write and sell the screen play about their adventures.
    Play themselves in a Bollywood blockbuster, title of the movie Good Tusk Hunting.
    Tag line for the movie - 'How you like them popadoms'

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    Swim between the bodies in the Ganges
    Plant a bomb in the office of those bastards who ring pretending to be from Windows Technical Department (I had one of those today)
    Go for a stroll wearing a t-shirt that says "Tendulkar is a ****"
    Have a butter chicken and complain instantly how it isn't as nice as the ones in NZ

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    Team up with Indiana Jones and finally find who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

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    go to the Holi festival and get messy then take a dip in the ganges to wash off

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    Have a net session with Sachin

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    Eat a good hot curry and prepare for the aftermath in the toilet the next day.

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    ride some elephant, kill some tiger, pray to cow

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    After enjoying their pizza with Meenu (And the food poisoning that came with it) they run into Charlie Cutter from Uncharted 3 who is in India to enjoy some cricket between the English and India. While they're enjoying the game they are approached by a young Buddhist from the Ministry of Culture who requests their help to protect the fabled treasures in the Earth guarded by the Yaksha as they protected the Hindu legacy now they need to protect the Buddhist legacy. Epic action scene unfolds involving an escape from a crowded sports game, and a new adventure is underway where secrets of history is unveiled including why the British sought to colonize and control India all those years ago!

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    The Uncharted series so far has been based largely off western style action flicks. It would be interesting to see one based in India that merged partially with Bollywood tropes (big dance sequences, crazy physical feats, deaths at a wedding and absurd stunts).

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    They could check with Sony to make sure this Competition is supported by them, they should also tell Sony that Matt might of forgotten bout this, so remind him that they've got a Uncharted pack for me