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    The Unkillable Tank Kayn - Top

    Alright, so I've been trying out Kayn, from SP to JG to recently Top. I just hit mastery 5 so will be moving on but all in all, I really like tank kayn.

    So what I do, basically is to get a Sheen first. So far, I've been able to effectively trade up top and it gets better with Darkin since I get an extra heal on R as well. Iceborne gives almost a perma slow, because I've got a knock up as well and it helps me take towers pretty fast on a split push while being able to fight 1v2 or 1v3s without much problem (cos I'm tanky).

    3-4 man knockups are also pretty deadly especially if you have a good team that follows up with enough dmg. You're also tanky enough to survive for a long long time~

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    Is this ranked game?

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    Hey yeap it is, I usually only play ranked games and will indicate if I post games record off normals haha.