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    Mobile youtube thumb

    How? It doesn't work on PC if I post mobile youtube link inside , but works on tapatalk.

    Please educate me.

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    Pretty sure you answered your own question - mobile youtube links don't work on the site. Tapatalk does it's own link scraping thing.

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    Is there a way of sourcing PC youtube link on mobile?

    Via youtube app, or in Firefox (regardless if it's mobile or "desktop" version), it always has a mobile address with

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    Take the m. off?

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    KevinL wrote:
    Take the m. off?

    Ahh sorry, it's the thing without www

    So, inside youtube tags it turns out like this

    And here is inside tags + add www and edit to address

    Does it make any difference on PC?

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    That's because the correct URL is

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    Ahh I see, on top of previous edits, gotta add watch?v= in before video name string

    Is this working on PC?

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    You also have to stick it in between [ youtube ] [ /youtube ] (without the spaces) tags if you want it to work on the main site, and even then it's sometimes a bit finicky