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    Vodafone FiberX concern

    So I'm on Vodafone FiberX and just found that the provided router (Huawei Home Gateway - HG659) has port 7547 open for remote admin by Vodafone. I have also found that this uses a generic username/password. I'm wondering if anyone has found a way (short of replacing the router) to block this from being open as it seems to me to be quite a large security risk.

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    Are you on the latest Vodafone NZ firmware? I recall they removed the generic passwords at least a year or two back.

    Also are you saying the remote admin is open to all of the Internet? It should be restricted to a set of Vodafone NZ management IPs only
    Perhaps I would reset the device first to determine whether this exists under default settings.

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    I have only been on Vodafone FiberX since Febuary.

    The router was reset 3-4 weeks ago because of connectivity issues by a tech within Vodafone.

    Yes I am on the latest firmware. (V100R001C206B020)

    I could access the management interface from a connection that has an external IP within the US (work network who go through Vocus) and the generic username/pass that I found via a google search worked.

    I have since that test, gone through the connected devices list within the management console and removed any that were unknown to me. After doing this, it is no longer providing a response on that port, but certainly shows as 'open' and not dropped.

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    I would try unbinding the TR069 service from your WAN interface configuration to see if that makes a difference.

    This is under "internet" on the top menu.

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    Under Internet on the menu, it doesn't seem I have that level of access
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    The default admin level credentials are provided here:

    You should be editing the "Internet_Ethernet" profile if I remember correctly.

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    Thanks for that @tehyitz
    Turns out when I'd tried those logins in the past I wasn't using the username case sensitive.
    With these logins it is possible just to go to the 'Maintain' tab where you now have the option 'remote management'

    From here, can uncheck the remote management feature and restart the modem which closes the remote access ports.

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    I'm aware Vodafone periodically sends out firmware updates etc using this remote management facility so by disabling it you may need to manually perform firmware updates in the future.

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    Or just use your own router

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    Just a coincidence, or is the Herald browsing GPForums again?

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    i found sometimes when i went to login to my vodafone router the password had magically been set back to the default from the one i set. I put it down to some kind of remote config push/firmware update...

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    Without starting a new thread I thought I'd ask about FibreX here.

    Basically moving house from Johnsonville to Churton Park (Wellington) next week and the new place already has fibre installed. Never managed to get it at the current place as although it is installed to the street we are up a shared driveway and didn't manage to get it installed. Am currently on Vodafone ADSL and as I understand it they won't let you have fibre if you're in a cable area so just trying to work out what to do.

    Had a Vodafone salesman at the door giving me the spiel about why FibreX is better and the latest deal they have etc a couple of days ago. Would there be any point going with this at the new place if actual fibre is already installed in the house or is fibre the best option?

    Also given it's a rental I'd prefer not to sign up to a contract in case I have to move before it's up. If that happens and the service is not available at your next address and you're under contract, are you still stuck in the contract?

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    Don't think Churton park has cable anyway so you're safe to go with fibre

    Fibre is superior to Vodafone's cable network in every conceivable way

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    Ah ok, thanks. The guy at the door said it would be available to the new address, and the address checker on their website says it is. But for a rental it's surely best to just go with what's already installed anyway.

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    True, thought the area would be too new for cable but guess not.

    Just go with fibre, I'd go as far as avoiding Vodafone altogether.. bigpipe have no contracts so that's an option

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    The reason why Vodafone wont allow Fibre in a Cable area is because they are trying to sell their own product instead of the government initiative, They tried to get the government not to install Fibre into their cable areas as they loose out on money having to pay Chorus or Enable rental costs.

    Also the HG659 has its own unique password it can only be accessed if the person knows the serial number of that specific modem. You can only change the username and password for the default vodafone/vodafone log in which is what hackers use to get in with. Vodafone them selves have records to your serial number and IP which can allow them access.

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    To update, Vodafone let me have fibre. When I called to transfer my services they wanted to put me on cable but I asked about fibre and as it's already installed they agreed. 12 month contract with $300 credit and free sky sport for 12 months so happy with the deal as sport is what I have Sky for and would be paying for it anyway. So this makes things cheaper overall than if I'd gone with Big Pipe.

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    Yes all service providers are obliged to put anyone on fibre if there is already an intact Fibre connection at the address. If they don't the Fibre providers then have to explain to the government why they aren't. Or if your strong witted and really insist on having it installed they normally grit their teeth and do it or they tell you to go else wear.