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    Games you found difficult

    Because I am a complete badass that women flock to, I'm looking for some challenging games to play. I guess by that I mean unforgiving and/or difficult games that are just flat-out hard (but fair), or that have a high penalty for death/failure

    I'm thinking here of games like XCOM, the Souls titles, and Rogue Legacy, all of which I think are punishing, but fair.

    I'm less interested in games that dole out "cheap" deaths, but I'll consider them, at least.

    Any genre.

    I'm also open to games that are really fun with the difficultly cranked up. I'm actually rubbish at most games, but normal difficulty on a lot of AAA games is an absolute breeze. Which games do harder difficulties well?

    Additional questions!:

    Which games (or passages of games) have presented you with problems?

    What are some generally accepted feats of gaming that are considered hard?

    Which games have a really difficult first few hours?

    Thanks muchly in advance!

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    A lot of people say that playing The Last of Us on its hardest difficulty changes the game for the better – more immersive while not being cheap.

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    Dirt Rally. Set all of the assists to off and only use a gamepad for maximum hurt.

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    Boshy and/or Wings of Vi

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    Kerbal Space Program
    Challenging to learn the ins and outs but very satisfying once you get the hang of it! I've nearly sunk 300 hours into my copy.
    I've replayed the science campaign about 4 times over the last couple of years as they released further updates. Just last night I made a rocket carrying 3 communications satellites and fired them at Jool. When it arrived, I split up my stack of satellites and sent them to orbit 3 of Jool's moons. Very pleasing... I love it when a plan comes together!
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    Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja difficulty.

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    Bloodborne is pretty difficult for the first few hours when you're at a low level & still learning the mechanics. Haven't really played any Souls games though so dont know how it compares to those.

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    This almost reads like one of those uni surveys

    If you're really interested in skills games, no better place than comp. Brood war, CS, Dota 2, Overwatch, Rocket league etc.

    It will test you in many ways though

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    I had a frustrating but good time with Super Meat Boy

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    Super Hexagon!

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    InvisibleShadow wrote:
    Dirt Rally. Set all of the assists to off and only use a gamepad for maximum hurt.
    This haha.

    Or it you're a true baller. Then the only game is skifree

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    Meganoid 2. It's crazy hard even using a ps3 controller on my phone let alone trying to use the default touch screen buttons

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    Completing Pillars of Eternity solo on the hardest difficulty.

    I haven't done it personally. I struggled through the first half of the game with a full party on normal difficulty. Can't fathom how people solo it.

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    God rugal snk v capcom 2.

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    Shadow of the Beast and Blood Money on Amiga 500.

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    Interstellar Marines on the highest difficulty is brutal, that said there's not much there. War games can be fun collecting as many points as you can before the round ends without dying, the threat of other players that could kill you and steal your points is great but I've rarely seen other players (and I don't think many actually play the game since it's pretty stagnant with updates).

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    FTL on "Normal" difficulty is pretty brutal.

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    WhatsUpMyNinja_ wrote:
    A lot of people say that playing The Last of Us on its hardest difficulty changes the game for the better more immersive while not being cheap.
    I got about halfway through before giving up - not coz it was too difficult (ok it was pretty hard, a lot of trial and error deaths) but coz other games were releasing so sadly never pursued the entire journey on that difficulty. It was SO good though and felt like a major victory just getting from one set piece to another.

    The first 5 or 6 hours of Bloodborne was agonizing but as Ins0mn1ac mentioned afterwards when it all clicks then you start gitting gud at it.

    I found that Dirt Rally was difficult in a sense that in the early seasons you were never going to win in the cars provided given they hadn't been upgraded at all. It's quite a nice natural learning curve and you just have to get used to missing podium (maybe this was just me, I got better at it the more I played but overall my times were nothing flash).

    Dunno what else I could recommend tbh. Personally I've been a part of some fiendishly trying Destiny nightfalls + raids with the GP squad.

    Oh you mentioned Rogue Legacy - loved that game!!! Though the cross save between ps4 + vita corrupted my save after 20 hours and I rage-uninstalled after that.

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    Raganros on Mythic in Firelands in WoW: Cataclysm... **** me, damn meteors

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    Enter the Gungeon is pretty savage. It gets you with it's cartoony aesthetic, but it's actually a pretty deep game. I haven't even finished it yet.

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    Some old point and click adventures (no guides though ofc )

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    Fighting games in general I guess. I don't have the patience to learn how to "git gud" and will just button mash.

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    I find walking simulators like Firewatch & Ethan Carter very difficult cos its impossible to stay awake after a few mins of playing.

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    Minesweeper, hardest setting.