Terminator reboot announced

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    Might still be good for a watch, even if it is woke.. imo the Terminator movies should've been put out to pasture after the 2nd one.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    The elderly Arnie in the trailer kills John Connor early on in the film. He's helping the protect the "new mother of the saviour" because he feels guilty about killing John. T-800s have emotions now apparently.

    Yes, this all sounds extremely retarded.
    Wait how/when does he kill john?

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Wait how/when does he kill john?
    Dunno, the movie isn't out yet.

    The supposed plot leaked around July and this latest trailer seems to confirm leak as accurate.


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    Angry Joe of all people has it right. THe female terminator looks like a model from a catalogue that sells underpants and the male terminator looks like the dude that fixes ipads at the Apple Store. Also Linda Hamilton looks like a grandmother and Arnold looks like a gay lumberjack that lost his husband 40 years ago in a sex role play accident.

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    Bobs wrote:
    Angry Joe....
    Yea I'm out.