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    The Grand Tour

    18th of f*cking November

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    Looks like they're bringing the same production style to the new show...thank god.

    But, yeah, November

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    looks like they are not changing much , which is great

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    I'm looking forward to watching these 3 again

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    The Grand Tour (Hammond.May.Clarkson)

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    Looks excellent.

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    Certainly looks to be TG in all but name... I have to admit, getting Collins on board is a nice touch.

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    Estumas wrote:
    Certainly looks to be TG in all but name... I have to admit, getting Collins on board is a nice touch.

    That was from the Top Gear Live show NOT The Grand Tour

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    Oh, seeing as it was only recently put up and they're making TG jokes I figured it was one and the same. I assume however this isn't going to be far off base of the end result though.

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    will definitely watch, but I was kind of hoping to see something fresh and new. The last few TG series with them were stale as.

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    Only 2 days to go... or the beginning of December if you want to watch it legitimately (but who is going to wait for that?)

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    I'll wait, I've got other stuff to get through first.

    Definitely going to watch though, they are three clowns who never fail to entertain me.

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    HoldenMan3000 got rekt

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    out now

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    really enjoyed that , like top gear but with more swearing and more money spent .

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    Yeah, it's stlighty different than "Top Gear" as we're used to it. But I still like it because of the chemisty between the 3. Still scripted, but still genuine, can't wait to see if they do a christmas special, what it'll be.

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    Enjoyed it. Similar to top-gear obviously, slightly more over the top. Its actually probably done a lot of good for the careers of Hammond, May and Clarkson. Almost fresh again.

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    I enjoyed it, It felt new and fresh but it was still the same sort of thing that im used to seeing from them.

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    Loved it, laughed my ass off for most of it, then the rest was just silent awe

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    That opening intro was really well done.

    The three cars were amazing but spending the whole show on them was a bit much -I was hoping to see other stuff as well.

    The difference between this and new Top Gear was that the comedy bits that didn't really work... still kind of worked.

    Hand that same script to the new Top Gear team and it would have tanked big time.
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    I didn't enjoy that much.

    Their new test track just didn't do it for me. I'm not sure what it was about the track but It looked cheap and narrow.
    Having too many different drivers instead of the Stig was also a bit underwhelming.

    The positive was that the 3 still had good chemistry. It was visual car porn done better than the original top gear.
    And there was cursing

    Overall 6/10 for me.

    Would I watch it again? yes, I would but only because of the three being in the show.

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    Absolutely loved it. A lot of time was spent on those three cars as there's not many comparison videos around due to the massive price tag they have.