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    Yeah, looking forward to their 2020 Gamescom Presentation where they may announce the release date.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    the guy in the middle left. holy shit. probably hanging from a rope somewhere. makes u kind of glad gt is no more

    also lol at the guy who was shouting from behind the camera. such emotional investment in hype, marketing and... sean murray. wouldn't be surprised if those three (and the guy off camera) are hardcore sjws as well

    gaming "journalism" at its finest

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    shitty game confirmed

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    Lol the amount of bullshit that guy spilled about his horrible game is amazing.

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    Comprehensive list of content that was lied about, left out, removed and gimped including sources.

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    -Walk for ages to procedurally generated towns! (No one in them though)

    -Explore procedurally generated dungeons, to use your pickaxe to dig for hours!
    Find materials you can use to to buy a better pick axe! And so on!

    -Maximum inventory space of 5, so you can explore more of the world carting out handfuls of ore back and forth for hours.

    -Ride 20 different types of horse that travel at exactly the same speed, but have different amounts of inventory space!

    -Each book contains procedurally generated text in lost ancient language, because the guy that wrote the Lusty Argonian Maid stories works for penthouse now and we couldnt afford to get him back.

    -You can play this with your friends, if you take turns sharing the keyboard.

    Note: Weapons and spells were initially in the trailer, but we removed them in order to make the game feel more chilled out.